Thursday, April 1, 2010

on Choices

"We are both burdened and blessed by
the great responsibility of free will--
the power of choice.
Our future is determined, in large part,
by the choices we make now.
We cannot always control our circumstances,
but we can and do choose
our response to whatever arises.
Reclaiming the power of choice,
we find the courage
to live fully in the world" Dan Millman

It is important to make choices on parenting based upon our childs individual needs.
One of the reason I read so many parenting books is because I have so many children. There is not one right way, though as you read so many books you notice there are a few very important ingredients that lead to successful children.

*A healthy Home, a haven with rules and conscequences
that are clear and understood

*Unconditional Love....."No matter what you do, I will love you"

*Special Time....I will spend time with you, alone, and I will listen
to what you say. I will ask questions and bring your responses up
at a later time to let you know I have heard you, I care about who you
are and what you are saying !

Make good chocies today !!!


Rhiannon Ward said...

This is so true! Too bad all parents don't strive to connect with their children like this.


Everyone needs to make the right choices for how they want to live their personal life.....If We as parents try to model what We deem as good choices then in theory our children will see this thinking versus reactive process and too try and make good choices for themselves...there r no right answers to all choices however trying to make choices versus going with the flow and taking paths of least resistance versus the path that may be more right for you....that is all We can do and Hope from our children too.....and sometimes We can only learn from our mistakes...pain sometimes is the best teacher....

Rosie said...

That Dan Millman quote was something I really needed to read today. Thanks for sharing.

I look forward to following your blog. I've subscribed to it using Google Reader.