Sunday, April 25, 2010

On Dogs

Living in New York City there is a lot of inconveniences of having a dog, but I don’t need to tell you that dogs are amazing animals. They are happy when we are happy, when we are sad, they come to console us. They are not only great friends, but can often serve to bring members of a family even closer together. We have all heard that dogs are man’s best friend; I would say they are CHILDRENS BEST FRIENDS!

One of the first communities I learned about when we got our first dog was the
‘Before 9:00am” community in Central Park. This is truly an amazing site for any eyes. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dogs running freely across central park
Chasing each other, chasing birds, squirrels, it’s an UNBELIEVABLE site to see!

I always wondered what foreigners would think if:

*They arrived in Greenwich Village on Halloween Night
*Took A stroll in Central park before 9:00am when the dogs
Are allowed off their leashes

Friends always ask me, so what do you think about a dog! Well I think dogs are great for kids but you cannot have complete expectations that your children are going to make sure that the dog is clean, fed and walked as many times as you need to be done! Dogs needs to get out of their city apartments, houses, buildings...the bigger the dog, the more times out!

There is a ‘rites of passage’ that involved our dog which looks something like this:

Our eight year old can walk the dog up and down the block on his own
The ten year old can walk the dog around the block on his own.
The twelve year old and the thirteen year old can walk the dog for points
As a job .


Anonymous said...

Is this different for boys and girls--ages of walking in terms of safety etc or do you think it doesn't make a difference?

Anonymous said...

wow.. dogs are so nice but what if it bites someone... what if poops on a neighbors doormat...what if it gets rabies... what if I forgot the rest.
Great blog.. you are defintiely the best mommie blogger out there and i think I might have a kid soon because hyou inspire me so much