Tuesday, May 1, 2012


SATURDAY NIGHT MAY 12 Mastercard Priceless is offering a NIGHT AT THE BRONX
ZOO for you and your child. Join me and Gordon and wake up
with the Gorillas on Mothers Day Morning !!!

SUNDAY MAY 13 A more civilized celebration at the Botanical Gardens for Mothers day

YORKVILLE (yyah) Is offering Yankee vs Mets Tickets at $25.00 a piece JUNE 24
We are going ......

TADA THEATRE Is playing a SUPER musical for kids . one hour long $25.00 tkts
on west 28th Street. Preformed by kids. Gordon and I saw it. GOOD !

TRACES Like Circus Soil is offering $25.00 walk up tickets in Union Square
for weekend shows. Gordon and I saw it, its amazing and greenmarket
across street for ingredients for dinner

OUTSIDE THE CITY: : HERSHY PARK OPENS MAY 10 and schools in area dont get
out until end of June so you can take advantage of small lines
and HOTEL HERSHEY's promotional offers on the web site !

KITTANEY ADVENTURES: Offers one way rafting trips down the deleware water gap.
Its a great day out of the city. 75 miles door to door each way !