Wednesday, March 31, 2010

on Parenting

One of my favorite parenting books is by Joanne Deak called "GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS" Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters.

Now this may be a book written for and about Girls but having only ONE girl I find the material is quite universal.

Here are the highlights I would like to share:

The DO's

Basically this is sending the message we all send all the time, I love you.....however making sure it is not attached to an action



Using your connection with a child or-your love-to premeditatedly reinforce pleasing behavior can be insidious in the long run.



These are three very important points you want your children to feel but how?

ATHLETIC DOING, strong bodies , strong minds.......CREATIVE DOING.....mind over Matters...CONNECTED DOING...The feeling of power and contricution and Partnership. Other than Self experiences....


Enjoy this book and enjoy your day of parenting!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On being a SUPERMOM

Raising Six children in truly amazing.
I walk into the one room all six are sleeping and I touch their foreheads
with my lips and offer a blessing, a wish, a promise.

I step outside and the sun greets me as it penetrates its heat and light
straight into my heart......and I glow.

I am so filled up with lov that I can glow !

-knowing that my husband will be in my arms any day now

-knowing the joy I am going to feel skiing down the mountain with five
of my children, all crossing across the same path, all at different stages,
all will reach the chair lift......and ill ride up with them.....and we will do it again.

-knowing at the end of the day I will be exhausted and not feeling as I do now.

So the question is How to be a Supermom!

Transfer the incredible feelings, find the incredible feelings and practice every day,
practice making them last !

This is what your children will feell. This is when you are in your best place to be
an influence....because one day that is all you can be !

Walk outside, take a deep breath, take a Grand Stretch.....and have a wonderful day !

Monday, March 29, 2010

On Brushing Teeth

Raising Six Children and ensuring that Six children are brushing their teeth every morning and every night. As we are dealing with all age groups here, there are different tactics that we use.

The 4 and 6 and 8 year old are still motivated by the gold star chart which is behind the bathroom door. The biggest motivater here is the TRUST factor as I allow the children to manage this chart themselves! There is always a prize and it usually is coordinated with the every 6 month dentist visit.

The 10, 12 and 13 year old require a bit more nugging and motivation. For the most part they want to brush their teeth but when you remind them it is not the best time or they dont particularly like to be TOLD at that moment what to do.

I have found that NEW TOOTHBRUSHES is a great motivator.
You know what it is like when you get something new.

In our house we slurge on New Toothbrushes Quite often in order to keep the issue alive.
I love the toothbrush covers which we use SHARPIES to mark childrens names on. We use colors of the covers as a standard colors belonging to certain children.

Children have more than one toothbrush. Another good trick as besides for the toothbrushes we have in their bathrooms we also have another set in the kitchen bathroom which is close to the front door as a reminder before we leave for school for anyone who forgot the morning brush !

As a last resort when a child is just not brushing their teeth we use a RED PEN and mark their point charts with the dollar amount that a cavity filling costs and we let them know that they should not use this money on their point charts that equals the RED PEN DOLLAR AMOUNT so they can understand that they are responsible for avoiding this the long run as great parents that you are you want your kids to have great teeth!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Travel


Here are the tips:

Bachelors Gulch Mountain is the first choice for the entire package.
A base mountain hotel, not exclusive to people staying on the mountain
and once the lift closes at 4:30pm the only way out is a shuttle. The base hotel is the pricey Ritz Carlton which is well worth its cost however for a family of six children even the Ritz residences are just too small to warrant their nightly cost of getting two.

As you head up the Mountain their are condo residences, some are as big as attached houses, and arethey rentable as GROUND FLOOR ski into the living room and ski out to the base mountain lift / the deck of the Ritz
Carlton. (Upper units are extremely reasonable.)

When you stay at these units you are welcomed to the Ritz Carlton facilities. Which includes smores every night, music and fire pit
fabulous restaurants and a starting place for most tours and
restaurant KAT departures.

SNOW CLOUD is right next door and heading up the mountain you have

Then there are the SKI PASSES. You must purchase your ski passes on the internet through EPIC PASS in advance. This is much cheaper as the rate here is higher at the mountain. Costing $56.00 per day for a childs lift ticket, $25.00 per day if they are in ski camp. This tickets lets you ski ALL MOUNTAINS in this area and offers many other services:

*Complete shuttle service between all mountains and all places you are staying.

*COOKIE TIME at the end of Beaver Creek Mountain 3:00pm daily.

*Amazing places on the montains to eat "CABINS" from tableclothes to getting handed the hamburger meat cook your own burger on top of the mountain on massive grills.

*Red information Jacket skiiers who are all over the mountain and seem to be there anytime I fall !

A trick to know is you can buy a friend ski with you pass for $46.00 a day and you are allowed six days on everyones one full price pass. This works better for families staying less than 6 days..

Then there is BEAVER CREEK MOUNTAIN. This is the mainstream center of this entire area and the energy is amazing. Ski school programs from the 3 year olds to the teens are lined up waiting to get in ! Because its fun, the instructors are amazing and the gold mines and candy searches and tee pee parks to ski through are just fun for the kids!

The Park Hyatt seems to be the deck of this area offering luxury at the base of the Mountain....and a scene! If you are staying in this area one way or the other you will spend a great deal of time at the base of this mountain. On the lower level where the ice skating rink are and many choices of shops and restaurants . Ice Caves, Reindeer, Concerts....

The Osprey is just off to the opposite end, where you are actually at the base of the Strawberry lift, which crosses you over to Bachelors Gulch Montain.....and Arrowhead. Both these options are completely ski in and ski out to the SKI VALET.

Arrowhead base mountain is completely low key, and with its self service restaurant and red awnings, its a welcoming place to stop for lunch.

Down the Block is Vail Mountain, and Adventure Ridge, Lionshead at Eagle Basin Gondola. Here is am amazing collection of childrens activities. You take the Gondola up after 2:30pm for free and park for free too!

*Young Discovery Center with Tues and Sat Presentations

*Snowmobiles (my four year old rode his own around a track) *Ski bikes (ages twelve and up, Blue Skiier level) *Bungee Jumping on a Trampoline


In the area there is also Ballooning, Dog Sledding, Sleigh Rides, Hot Springs to soak in,Music inside an ice cave, Family off Ski Challenges.

The sun is shining and Colorado in March in just an amazing place to visit. Raising Six Children in New York City.....we are grateful for the opportunity to be here with our family, safe and skiing!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here's all the "S" words you can do in the SNOW .....with your kids!
  • Snowboarding

  • Skiing

  • Swimming

  • Steam Springs

  • Sledding by Dog Teams

  • Smores

  • Ski Bikes

  • Sky Rope Trampoline Jumping

  • Suburban Adventures

  • Slope Sledding
  • Snow Castle building
  • Spa-ing
  • Snow Ball Games
  • Ski School
  • Snow Shoe Treking

  • Sleighing

  • Snuggling

  • Sliding

  • Skating

  • SkiJouring

  • Segway snow trips
  • Snowmobile
  • Snowman building
  • Snow Angels

This is my personal checklist to take pictures of my children in these activities while we are here in the snow on our spring break !


Have a great end of Winter, Spring Break and family time with your children !

Friday, March 26, 2010

On Choices II

Heres the plan while we wait for the poll !

I will go to the bank this morning and get $100.00
single dollar bills. I will break the single dollars down into packages of $25.00. Everytime I pay for something I will have the 13 year old or the 10 year old pay the first TWENTY FIVE dollars out so while counting the money to pay for something.....they can see it takes a while to count out $25.00.

Today when we finish Breakfast at Denny's and the bill is $25.00
I will make sure they pay for the bill completely.

Tonight we are going Dog Sledding and its $25.00 per person to hold the reins. I will make sure both the 13 and 10 year old know the value of $25.00

If they reimburse it I know it will also teach them the value for working hard for their money their earn on their point charts and making good decisions with saving it and spending it

I also know my words have more weight for them to hear my lessons if I do not make them reimburse it but express my reasonings
that I want them to value money as they will soon be responsible for their own well beings and this value will become something they want to take with them on their journey.

On Choices

The 13 Year old and the 10 Year old are flying to meet you on your
Spring Break Vacation.They could not miss any days of school and you left a few days early with the younger children.

You have shipped all the luggage in advance.

The children have around their necks ID pouches with a copy of their Passports, $50.00 cash each for food and emergency and a copy of their tickets and Boarding Passes.

They are brought to the airport directly from school with their backpacks and are clear that their mother will meet them on the other side of their direct flight.

They both have cell phones.

Now when they check in they decide to spend $25.00 each and check their backpacks instead of carrying them to the gate. That leaves them with $50.00 for food and drinks. They board the plane with $10.00 remaining for emergency.

I NEED YOUR HELP. The question is not just should they have checked the backpacks, its should they have used $50.00 which is a lot of money for the convenience of not carrying their school backpacks to the gate. Basically they were travelling on their own so should this be a good time to teach a lesson or should I just be happy that they arrived safe.

Answer the poll below on whether or not they should be responsible for the $25.00 each for checking their backpacks or carrying them to the gate.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Kids in your bed

I remember the morning we came home from the hospital with our first child. The bassinett was besides my bed....the only place I had to put it in our New York City One Bedroom Apartment.

Should he sleep in our bed? We wanted him to. Were we going to roll over onto him? We had to get up anyway to feed him in the FEEDING ROCKING CHAIR, and we had to change him in the special CHANGING TABLE with the warming wipies holder.

I remember the Sixth child when we brought him home from the hospital
the Bassinett was still besides the bed, it wasnt new by any means and the baby..... in the bed he went ! There was no Rocking Chair for feeding, just a few extra pillows. There was no CHANGING TABLE as we changed him on the bed with a pad that we kept under the bassinett......and there was DEFINATELY no warmy wipie holder, just the KIRDLAND brand (with 6 months supply in the closet)

Raising Six Children you get the chance to see thing and do them over and over again until they feel right. Until the attention that we are giving in for the RIGHT reason in the RIGHT place.

What feels right to me is not what might feel right to you... I have also realized what feels right to be might not feel right to my husband and this is where we compromise and strengthen our relationship too!

Everyone has a chance in Mommy and Daddy's bed. It is a place to jump in and watch a movie together, it is a place to get "THEIR LOVE BATTERIES filled up" as my eight year old would say.

Mostly its sunrise when the four year old starts to make his way into our bed, then right before getting dressed for school comes in the six year old.

Sickness, right in our bed......with a side table set up with tissues, water
a tea bowl, chastick, a book and small garbage can.

We have a King Size Bed and some of the best Sunday Mornings are waking up welcoming our children into our room and into our bed.

My thirteen year old has a terrible cold yesterday.....and at this age, is when the Family Bed was welcomed but now a bit removed......came into our room in the morning and saw the 4 and 6 year old in the bed and said Mom

"I'm Sick......its my turn !"

Enjoy the opportunities to share and teach CLOSENESS.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

on Babysitters

A good friend forwarded me a very awakening article from the NEW YORK TIMES
February 2010 called "Do you speak Nanny."

Raising Six Children in New York City there is an abundance of nannies, babysitters and
extra hands ready to jump right in for the moment you can not be there. In order to have special times with the children, in order to attend a school play, a conference time, a basketball game after school you need the support and coverage of nannies and babysitters.

"Maria yelled at me" stated my six year old daughter as I closed the door on the vacation hotel room sitter. And while I listen to the story I weighed in my head the benefit of me being able to do something with my older children that was not age appropriate for the 4 and 6 year old and the damage of being yelled at by a 26 year old local approved childcare provider. Yes it hurt my feelings and I discussed with my daughter how proud I was of her for telling me.

I make VERY CLEAR lists of what I except from the nannies and babysitters that come into my house. A hotel sitter will know the BASICS which are;

*Where to reach me
*What children can eat as night snack
*Brush Teeth with children
*Nighttime bottle or cup of water
*TV off at 7:00pm and book reading
*Bed time at 7:30pm
*I add that there is no physical contact and if you need to
seperate children you can hold their hands to do so.

*I add children do not need to bath but please wash their
hands and faces make sure they brush their teeth before they
do to bed.

I expect my children to be safe and asleep when I get home. I pay the babysitter and she leaves.
Did they brush their teeth, I find out no.....

There is a difference between a nanny and a babysitter and its up to you to know what that difference is.....and to accept it or make a change.

A babysitter is someone who can safely supervise your children when you are out of
the house and follow a specific and clear list for the moment that you leave the house.

A nanny is someone who can, like a mother, ensure that proper care, and continuing
and adding on of things that they have learned in caring for the children continues. A true
nanny would not "miss" your children brushing thier teeth at night if its their responsibility and there are only a few you give.

So many times I have tried to turn babysitters into nannies and it has caused me a great deal of frustration. Lists after lists, charts after charts of expectation that are not met.

I have come to realize that it is better to TAKE AWAY the expectations and appreciate the simple COVERAGE which is what you set out for in the beginning anyway.

You are a super mom for knowing there are times when you need coverage to be a better mom for another child or for yourself..

Take away the frustration, take away the expectations , keep safety as your top priority and when that fails....find someone new !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There are occassions when I go away without the children.

There are occassions when I take the younger children first away on a vacation
and the older children, who can not miss any school, meet us there. There are times when
school vacations of one child doesnt match that of another child, in a nursery schoool or upper school.

There are several charts that we have to make up for this type of organization.

The first chart is the DAILY CHART. Here I type on one piece of paper each
day, who has been hired to help, and the basic responsibilities, down to the simpliest point

I tape this paper onto a poster board and hang it in a central location. Under this paper are envelopes which could be pay envelopes fo guitar, or piano lessons that are still going on while we are away...or envelopes filled with estimated dollar amounts for food to be ordered or replinished.

7:00am Dad wakes up the kids
7:30am Someone will come in and will help with breakfast for kids.
7:50am Dad leaves the house with kids and drops them off at school
3:00pm 12 year old is going home with his friend and leave the number
of his friend and leave the plan on how he is getting home

and so on.

The second chart is MEALS. I make sure that money envelopes are
left labeled Milk, Eggs, Cereals, Fruit that might run out and can be

I chart out each evening what is happening for dinner, if meals are prepared in the refrigerated and labeled to be re-heated or if the evening plan is to have the caretaker order food from a local take out restaurant or is Dad going to take kids out to dinner.

I leave envelopes labels CHINESE FOOD TUESDAY with the chinese food number and money in envelope to pay for the food. I expect the caregiver who is responsible to leave receipts and change in each envelope for each night.

Another chart is the CONTACT chart. This is a list of emergency contact numbers
of friends in the area who will be home incase of emergency!

If My husband and I are away together we put a balloon over each day on the chart. Every evening the youngest child is the one who pops the balloons and tells every one how many more days are left til mommy and daddy return home!

Charts are not only great for organizing when you are away, they are great for teaching kids how to organize.

I am proud and amazed when I see my children creating charts for themselves.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Its a weekend, your on Holiday, there are so many things to do in the CITY. Your on SPRING BREAK and your expecting a day at the beach, getting out onto the mountain .....

But there really isnt any structured plans. There is no ski school, no birthday parties, no sports, no school.....

As you walk around your house you see your children partaking in activities that you imagine they would always enjoy.

For me, thats seeing my 13 and 12 year old, in a bedroom, on seperate beds, scanning through the news, their emails and having a conversation with eachother.

For me, thats seeing the 10 year old and the 8 year old playing a card game with chips....and fantisicing when they actually play with all their brothers after dinner.

For me, that watching the 6 year old and the 4 year old at the breakfast table eating their breakfast , fruits, while we slow bake the milk
for the hot chocolates,tiny marshmellows and oreo straws !

and yes........Five sets of skis and one snowboard are lined up for us to ski together as a family today, the four year old on the magic carpet at the base of the mountain while the six year old, eight year old, ten year old, twelve year old and thirteen year old ski with me on all the blues and blacks of Bachelors Gulch Mountain here in Colorado on our Spring Break.

As I write this post, I know this is an important moment in Parenting..... to just let everyone be

Sunday, March 21, 2010

on Fighting

Raising six children I get asked all the time;

"Do the children fight with eachother"

In the home, we offer children a very safe place to
experiment with their fighting skills.

Here is -O- tolerance for physical fighting or
hurting another sibling. The punishments fit the
crime and are handed out immediately.

But there is another dymanic more painful then
a push or a shove....and thats the five against one

This is when one of the older siblings decide to see
how powerful they are by enrolling the younger siblings into a secret club against one.

Usually the reason people follow the eldest siblings is because they are so happy to be part of anything having to do with the oldest that they are in
the plan......whatever it is.

SEPERATE AND DIVIDE.....thats my advice to reach the children during this process. You know that each of them knows better. You know they want you to be happy and this just hurts your feelings. They dont have to feel the same way that you do, but seeing them act unkindly hurts your feelings....and its wrong. You can accept that they might not like someone, but you can not accept them choosing to be openly unkind.

Just acknowledging this to your child, that you understand that at this time they are not too happy with their sibling, is a big step forward.

You can reach out to your oldest child. I know you have already explained how you love all of them the same and it hurts your feelings to see them fight.

So try this.

Explain that watching him use his words and his brothers
to mentally abuse his sibling is like ME inviting someone I really like
to stay in our home. To sleep in our guest room and when they come
down for breakfast they start telling us how they think my husband, our Dad stinks and is a real jerk. Then I ask them to imagine this same person at our breakfast table, and while they are eating the food which I am serving them, they continue to tell me how they think our sister is ugly and smells bad, and how your brother is so stupid.....hey it might run in your blood too. While I pour the organge juice they they comment "Doesnt anyone here know how to cook, your all slobs!"

Well, I explain, that is how I feel when you, my son, who I love wake up and decide to pick on a younger sibling !That is how it sounds !

Then leave the room, ask for them to think quietly about what you just said.....and see what happens!

It will work.....not every time, but the next time !

Have a great Day !

Saturday, March 20, 2010

on Pictures

If you have read any of my posts on creating memories you have an understanding that raising six children and documenting their childhoods means taking a lot of pictures.

There are the school pictures, which are posed. There are the Holiday Card pictures which are also planned for.There are those few times when all six children,mom,dad and dog are standing somewhere important and we have someone taking our picture.......

Otherwise, they should all be candid.

When you ask someone to take a picture with you in it,look
at your child, or in the distance, DO NOT look at the camera.
When y0u review the picture on the digital screen you wont
be judging how you came out but you will be able to capture and keep that moment in time with you in it.

Your children do NOT want to be aware that a picture is about to happen, they do NOT want to pose. My thirteen year old has had his picture taken so many times we had to have a conversation that went like this:

I respect the fact that you dont want to pose for pictures, so I wont ask you to. I also respect the fact that you dont always want your picture taken, so ill try to be discreet, but taking pictures and writing in my vacation picture journals is something I have done since you have been born. Its a part of me. I hope you can accept this as a part of me as I am learning to accept parts of who you are. I am not asking for your tolerance but your acceptance.

We came to a compromise as I am offering him my camera to edit pictures with him in them. Look how we created an opportunity to do something together out of potential problem situation.

Everything your children are doing can be captured by your camera without your asking your child to stop and look. There are enough pictures of their faces,posed, groomed, and positioned....its the candid pictures that capture the ENERGY of the moment.

Some of my favorite pictures are those where the faces are unclear, the child becomes ageless, as the moment lives on as a memory of time just "ME IN A YOUNGER TIME."

When you see the back of your childs head, their body on a sled ,heading down the mountain, the colorado rockies in the backround
you dont need a face shot to remember the joy of the ride .

Take pictures and enjoy all your moments !!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

On Marriage

One of my favorite books is the 'Marriage of Sex and Spirit" edited By Geralyn Gendreau. It is a collection of 45 authors writing in their own words about marriage and relationships. This is not a parenting book. But a relationship book that has something for everybody !

Raising six children means nurturing six different relationship. Part of my children learning about what I do, is by watching the way I nuture the relationships with them and their siblings, but another way they learn is by watching how I nuture the relationship with their father.

My husbands name is always included when he is not around. And I mean
in the most positive light...................................

When I am getting new sneakers for our son:

** "Daddy and Mommy are really glad we can get these for you"
**"Daddy is excited that you are playing basketball"
**"Daddy is going to be so proud of your skiing."
**"Lets read that report to Daddy later,"
**"Lets make a sign to welcome Daddy."

When I travel ahead of my husband I make sure the chilIdren know
where Daddy's stuff is going in my room, or how Daddy would like this or that.

On this Spring Break Trip my phone service did not work in our hotel room and I went to get a "Go" phone in another service that did work. This is such an important lesson for the younger children to show them how important it is for mommy and daddy to be in touch with eachother.

Isnt this the same lesson we want to teach our children to be in touch with us.

Paul of the New Testament, speaks of his letter to Romans, Chapter 7, verses 12-16.:

I cannot understand my own behavior. I fail to carry out the things I want to do, I find myself doing the very things I hate. When I act against my own will, that means I have a self that acknowledges that the Law is good, and so the thing behaving in that way is not myself but sin living inside me.

What does this mean to you?
To me this means that we are all terrific mothers and loving spouses
and it is important in raising your children to continue to act in the way you really want to with the one you love, the ones you love and when you notice yourself getting upset or your mood changing to low one remember your intentions !

Consciously Practice Loving Behaviors !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Parenting

It seems strange to be on a vacation in a beautiful place,

skiing, visiting an ice castle, bungee tampoline jumping,

sledding down the mountain when the lifts close....but them

to hear.....


Heres what I posted on the wall and sent it to everyones go

phones for them to reread every morning before they make

a statement like that.

A vacation is a collection of activities and down time with

your family and in your own space.

Being a child growing up in New York City vacations allow

you the opportunities to experience freedoms you might

otherwise not be getting.

The freedom to walk outside and play in the snow.

The freedom to Ski (for most of you).

The freedom to go off into a room and read a book,

play computer games or watch tv.

I am happy to keep the activities coming and keep offering

you good opportunities to see and buy things.

If you are BORED you have to ask yourself what is it that

your feeling that is making it difficult for you to receive these


Your BORED has nothing to do with me so I dont know how to respond, just listen and offer you these words to re-read over and over again.

The answer is within you and the best I can do if offer your my understanding, good nutrition, and continue on my path of love,

joy and happiness !

Have a great vacation day !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on Music

It is really amazing what a difference every activity makes with music.

For me as a mother, when the music is playing, your mind is listening

to the song, you are singing out loud or in your head. A familiar song

for sure you are reviewing the lyrics and a new song you are deciding

if you like, listening therefore ,even more closely.

There is less room for your mind to wonder. Music will give

you a chance to tone down the idle chatter that you have going on in your head

and enjoy the moments you planned for.

Turn on the music when you are doing an activity with your children.Whether it be a board game, arts and crafts or cooking dinner....Let let the music play.

Here are a few helpful hints on how to make this happen.

*All the cable networks have music channels, I am not speaking about MTV I am

referring so somewhere in the 600's on your cable or satellite tv there is a listing

of everything from easy listening to the top 20 countdown. The picture on the screen

will not matter, but the music playing through the tv is one way to get backround music into your room

*Ipod Stations. These stations are now priced at under $20.00 and provide amazing

sound. I like to have my children place their ipods in the station so that they feel more

connected to the activity with their music playing. I also like to hear the music they

are choosing!

*Boom boxes. Also an electronics item that is extremely reasonable to purchase with

a cd player and ipod dock. I like these portable music players as I can take them around the house.

Sounds of nature, Spa Music. This is a different breed from elevator music and has

become acceptable as Mommy's SPA music. Music that we stretch to, music that can

be playing in the bathroom during bathtub time, backround music that we do not sing to but we know its there.

Today is the day to TURN ON THE MUSIC and let your hearts sing !

Monday, March 15, 2010

on Skiing and go phones

Skiing is an amazing family sport and I would like to help everyone believe that they

can DO IT !!!


SKI EQUIPTMENT- Paragon sports offeres season ski rentals at the same rates that is costs to rent equiptm for a weekend at any local or "destination" ski resort.

A big duffle bag which keeps these skis somewhere in your house and moving them around is all you need. Once you have the skis, boots and poles or snowboard and boots

half the battle is done !

If you plan on skiing even just a few weekends locally at some of the spots such as



then it will be well worth it

Now we have a SKI DRESSING CHART for the children. The chart is a Bubble stick

figure (because I am not an artist)

HEAD........................................Snow Hat

Face Gator


chapstick which we keep in a necklace pouch

along with id and money for emergency

BODY....................................... Thermal long sleeve

Turtleneck or Long Sleeve Under Armor

Long Sleeve Collared Three Button Shirt or Fleece


SKI JACKET or One Piece

PANTS...................................... Thermal pants

Stetchy pants or sweat pants

SKI PANTS or one Piece

SOCKS....................................... One Good Pair of Wool Socks

These are our ski clothes and they dont change much. When we are done skiing each

set of clothes is designated for either the washer or be to refolder and put back into the

SKI PILE of clothes for the next day !

Teach your kids early how to manage their ski piles ........To take off their ski clothes

after they ski so they have them for the next day !

When you travel to ski resorts for a vacation in skiing, you can ship your ski piles

and ski equiptment in advance.....even if you want to travel and pack your luggage

last minute.

GO PHONES- This is a phone in a package that you can purchase for about $30.00.
There is no plan, there is no commitment, Its just a phone that you activate with your
credit card . My eight, ten, twelve and thirteen year old who all can ride the ski lifts
carry phones in their pockets. I highly recommend this as you tend to seperate by accident really fast when one person takes a slight turn on a different trail.

Go phones are offered by both at and t and Verizon. Make sure to ask the mountain
information services which carrier works best on the mountain you are skiing. They
all WILL know !

Have fun Spring Skiing, Make your clothing chart, check out the go phones....
You will be happy you did !


Did you ever walk into the room and turn off the TV to get your child


Guilty !

I think it is impossible to compete with the television when there is

an important announcement to make, something to share, something to say.

And you of course you know that what you have to say is more important

than what Drake is about to say to Josh on Nick, but do your kids think so?

It is no secret that if you were watching a movie in your space and your children

came into the room, turned off the movie to announce they just won their video game, o

they want you to do someting for might not be thrilled!

And while we continue to turn off the TV, do our children do this to us ?

Its amazing but not one of my six children in a cumulative 53 years together

have not) Have yours?

Then its time to rise above this and try something new!


Lower the volume and try to wait for the commercial, lower the volume if its a movie

and let the children know you have something important to say. Lower the volume an

see if they can PAUSE a moment so you can find out what they want for dinner, tell them

the time is nearing towards their next activity, and so on !

Respecting who your children are and what they are doing will make for a better relationship in the greater picture.

When approaching the older children who are watching TV, I always say, I see this isnt a good time but Ill come back when the program is over. This helps give a teen a heads up that you are coming to talk to them, and that you respect their space not to invade it at the second you need to say something ! (it takes time organization to make sure to be there when their program ends)

Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel is a great TV show that all six children enjoy watching together. Is there a show your children watch regularly with you ?

Sunday, March 14, 2010



Raising six children in New york City you have to have a few secrets. I am ready to share these secrets
with the World in my Book, and here is one now....

Anyone who knows me knows that I have endless energy. You would think that keeping six schedules straight
would tire one out, but actually the secret is in the schedules and organization.

The secret to this energy is a gift from the constant creation or manifesting of how to share the love, joy and happiness
with the most amazing people in my World, my family, my children and my husband.! I also have room for friends, and sharing the lov in a big way running school events, charity events and community fairs!

The endless energy comes when every detail is clearly organized, how things are going to happen, the perfect balances are mapped out, charted, shared, clear and posted for a great day, a great weekend, a great vacation, a great event.....its as if the joy, love and happiness appear immediately once you are organized.......and there is so much room left now in your life to just enjoy these feelings. These feelings that lift you up and give your spirit energy to skip forward in your day, your life., your plans.

When you find something that works, stick with it! When you find something that doesnt work, change it.
Schedule it !!! Dont leave too much room for things to go wrong, move in the direction of things goiong right!

What are your weekend plans? Do you have a chart with a movie filled in, a dinner time assigned, a sporting event everyone can watch on tv together, is there a plan?

Your vacation, Map out your days, what do you want to do with your kids before the summer begins, For mothers day, For Fathers Day.

Begin today and see your energy rise from organizing your liife forward with lov, joy and happiness !

Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Travel

On Travel

When I arrive at a destination there is the execution of an ARRIVAL PLAN to begin any vacation. Travelling with six children throughout airports, on the plane, bathroom calls while the seat belt sign is on, delays on runways, car rental companies who can only find a Toyota rav 4 left as the reserved suburban is out of order………(or given away).

Needless to say there is a lot we all deal with!

Upon entrance into the rental vehicle, I proceed to a fast food meal. Any fast food meal will do. If the children are just NOT hungry at all we will at least stop at a service station and pick up a six pack of water, milk, a candy, some sandwiches.

When we arrive at the resort we settle into where everyone is going to sleep, we move furniture around, mostly to move sitting chairs into the main area so there are more places for the kids to sit, and to have rooms with…multiple beds somehow in the largest room, I have already shipped directly from to the resort in advance my standard order of two one nicely packaged self inflating twin air double mattress. A simple push of a button and presto, you can have a double high air mattress as an extra bed. I also travel with a flannel pouch of sheets, a fitted, flat and flannel cover, pillow cases that fit the beds nicely. I add in a padded mattress cover as it takes up no room and fits in the pouch!

They arrive at a resort for a cost of under $60.00 each and I don’t take them back home with me as I cant ever get them to fit into the small box that they arrive in.

It’s really nice to have the older children have their own beds and the younger children use the air mattress”

Air mattresses in the rooms. This is more of a logistical issue I have when travelling with six children. But it opens up a new world to families who have a two or three children who prefer not to share beds or get extra rooms.

The boxes are unpacked from the luggage that was shipped. The boxes are folded and placed under the bed for return shipping recycling.

We designate a table and plug in our extension cords for all the chargers and computers. We take a laundry bag and hang it on the back of the bathroom doors!

This particular trip is a ski trip and there is just not enough space for everyone’s ski stuff. I run out to the local walmat and purchase a bunch laundry baskets for $6.00 each. I label each basket with each Childs name and place it across the bottom of the closets. Here is where all the excess clothes are going, the draws are split up between PJ, Undergarments, pants and dresses and shirts are hanging !

Sweaters and sweatshirts are folded on the top shelves of the closets closets, boots are lined up by the door and round baskets labeled again are holding gloves, goggles, one basket for wool socks, one for cotton socks and another one for hats!.

Take these tips on travel….always bring scotch tape, a sharpie and

Plain white paper or index cards for your signs charts and labels!

Friday, March 12, 2010



You can walk around the neighborhood

You can walk in Central Park

and now you can walk the HIGHLINE.

If you get yourself to 20th and 9th avenue there is a staircase that
takes you up to the HIGHLINE. This used to be a traintrack that turned
into a path with greenery and amazing views.

What a nice sunday afternoon with the family to walk together on the HIGHLINE
leave the neighborhood and try something new.

Along the path are staircases that bring you down to some points of interest!

(careful moms with the strollers, there are points that offer elevator access but
not all points.)

My favorite is the CHELSEA MARKET.
What a great opportunity to have lunch by choosing some of the most amazing collectings of foods in the city.

Another favorite moving down the highline is a stop at the MEAT PACKING DISTRICT.

Here you go down again off the highline and can stroll the shops on cobblestone streets
where all the buildings are low and there is great light.

You can see the west side highway and cross if you want over to Chelsea Piers for part two of your weekend activity.

We went there this weekend, with the children and we had a backpack with costumes inside.

There is a pretty cool stage/theatre which is viewing (through a glass wall ) the street below,

What a fun oppotunity for the kids to put on a show for you......and all whose watching!

I would pack a deck of cards and sit on a few lounge chairs along the way and play a game of cards.

Quiet, nice, simple FAMILY OUTINGS. We are not doing too much, but we are doing it together.

Dad, walked the older boys home from 14th and 9th avenue and made it all the way to 60th and 3rd. I stopped at 23rd and 8th with the younger crew when I saw ALICE AND WONDERLAND

playing at the Chelsea Cinema in 5 minutes !!! It was in 3D and the kids really enjoyed it!

Have a great Weekend ! and have a Great Spring Break

Thursday, March 11, 2010

on organizing - REPORTS CARDS

Accordian folders are sold everywhere and I have one for each of my children. I wrote labels on the outside of each opening their grades,

It is never too late to start. Start now with your reports cards you are getting this week and just leave the first few slots open. One day you will find the old reports cards, maybe you know where they are.

Either way, your kids are getting reports cards and being the concerned parents that you are, you want to follow their progress.

In New York City there are so many services available to support your children and if you see that the report cards of nursery-lower school continue to speak about fine motor skills, and you move into kindergarten and you read how the teacher speaks about it again, You might seek out a professional consultation to support your findings. They will want to see the history of the teacher report cards and you will have them organized!

I also use these folders to file any tests such as ERB, WIPSY or other tests that the school administers and we receive copies of. ( Eye tests and testing like that would go into medical records...SEE ON ORGANIZING MEDICAL RECORDS)

I know in lower schools the reports cards are not meant to be shared with the children but I appreciate how much work EACH teacher is going through to make a clear assessment of my child and I feel that warrants being read more than once. I sometimes grab a REPORT CARD ACCORDIAN FOLDER from one child when I see them having a hard day after school (at night) and read through the report cards.

A mothers instinct will give you answers on how best to help this child…and so will the reports written by the teachers who spend so much time with your children every day !

I hope your conferences go well and go out and buy a ReportCard organizer today

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On 40 something and Another Baby

ON 40 Something and BABIES

It is amazing to learn about the tales you hear about "the clock is ticking", have a baby before forty. When you are pregnant as many times as me and popping out six children in eight years you don’t think much about the 40 something rule.

But there is a rule out there and I have been learning all about it the more my husband and I ponder having another child.

Today, the OBGYN who delivered all six of my children via cesarean
Section or C-Section has given me the go ahead for having a seventh!
I am strong, healthy and I healed relativity well for having six (6) C-SECTIONS.
Did I forget the year in lotto burke classes just to find my stomach muscles…I think they have reattached themselves to scar tissue (that’s my layman’s terms for why I cannot do sit ups!)

The 40 something rule is what happens to ones eggs when they reach the age of 40. They might be there, but the chances of them making it all the way to a healthy nine month pregnancy are filled with obstacles that were just not there before !
Will I have a seventh child, that’s still to be decided but if you are thinking about another child, and your not yet 40…. take it from me,
It will all be worth it !

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DINNER TIME What do they want to eat ?

We have the dinner time routine all set !

We have the beautiful dinner table ready !

We have the games, candles and music playing !

We have the chart of what needs to happen at the table

and we are all there !

Now its about the food ????

The children are used to a MENU (THAT I COOK) which is usually

Meat or Fish Meat which is breaded, pan seared and then put to bake after being

lightly browned. We bake at 400 for about 20 minutes and thats

one full portion for the four older kids, and one more cut into cubes for

the younger two

Fish is Salmon, or breaded cod, or many other choices of white style
fish and for the younger kids we introduce healthy minced fish sticks !

Rice or Pasta Here we can go with a variety of rices, from rice a roni, to cousous,

brown steamed, uncle bens white, mexican rice, tons of rices or

Pastas, also many choices with many choices of sauces, alfredo, red,pink

butter, oil, and so on

Vegetable Any vegetable, the kids eat them all...Corn and Brocolli more than others

Aparagus, string breans, snow peas, etc...

Cold veges are on the table every night which include carrots and celery !

We always have a basket of fresh baked bread rolls, or croissants !

The children have voiced their opinions that they need a change. That its the same meal

and they want something different!

So different, they have gotten. We went around the neighborhood and picked up

about 20 menus to get some variety of foods into our house. I also have some great friends

who have some great simple recipies which I am ready to try out......only the kids have not been that welcoming of the new foods.

Today was pork ribs, Dough balls filled with meat and potatoes and pork rinds...I introduced blood sausage for effect and I was booed out of the dining room. (SPANISH FOOD)

The day before was Make your Own Gyro;s with lamb meat sliced, salad, yogurt sauce, salad with feta and baked potatoes on the sides with brocolli !! (GREEK FOOD) Another Big Boo

The day before was sliced chicken soaked in broth with dipping sauces from orange chicken

to tandori, to sour cream, (INDIAN) ...I handed out marshmellow skwers for the dipping process

The day before that was a neighborhood favorite Chirpin Chicken, Rack of ribs and mashed potatoes, pita breads for everyone and corn on the cob sticks. (AMERICAN)

Why did these meals not go over well. The children asked for variety and it was offered.

I will photostat all the menus I collected and hand them out to the children with different color highlighter pens. I will ask them to hight light the meals that they would eat. I will go over the same with the younger children and come up with some variety that they have pre agreed to at least taste !

Today I ran into a CORNER BAKERY which happened to me next to my docters office
and picked up 5 slices of CHICKEN MEATLOAF, a pound of roasted potatoes, garlic spring beans and roasted carrots, cornbread, woopie cakes one for each. A starter of Tomato Leak Soup which I will float a ball of sour cream in and serve in a margerita glass with a melba toast!

Have fun with these dinner ideas !

Monday, March 8, 2010



Raising six children in New York City there is quite a variety and opportunities to keep the house filled with the most amazing of treats! Within walking distance from my house are some of the most amazing bakeries, butchers, fruit markets, prepared foods.

The one stop shop for deserts is DEAN AND DELUCA right on 85th and Madison. They collect and sell the best of New York Finest Bakeries all under one roof!
That’s deserts……..But what about the food items! Surely feeding eight people Breakfast and Dinner Daily is a great fete. DEAN AND DELUCA is one of my favorite morning stops. With
smiling faces serving cappachinos and fresh fruits, vegtables, chocolates, cookies, cakes, calling my name....and thats just on one side. I can taste the lunch soup special, and get my own favorite suishi pieces packed up, order up a nice flower arrangement while I am waiting for the friendly attendants to packup some dinner sides!

We visit the supermarket daily for milk, bread, eggs and juice and make sure to include in those visits the fruits and vegetables in small amounts! We visit the supermarkets or butchers for fresh poultry, fish or beef or have DEAN AND DELUCA pre package small meats that the older children can manage themselves to cook.

For items such as Tide, Paper Towels, Plastic Bags, Garbage bags, fruit rolls ups,macaroni boxes, microwave popcorn, coffee cups, napkins, cascade, paper plates,batteries,juice boxes, cases of soups we send a shopper to COSTCO !

In New York City there is a service for anything! For a fee and a clearly written list there is a COSTCO SHOPPING SERVICE.A Women with a VAN who goes shopping for you.
I have already calculated that my savings on purchasing just these items alone in bulk still gives me a savings over the fee. In my case, I have learned to hide the extra 5 boxes of pasta up above the cabinets or behind the pots and pans and only put out the other 7 boxes in the cabinets !
It’s a lot easier to refill from your own house them to refill from the supermarket or have a larger shopping daily!

I work with Poland Spring Deliver service as they have a set schedule for free once a month they deliver water and ice tea and palmer lemonade and ice tea to the house. That service is free

I work with CVS stores locally who deliver 12 oz water bottles monthly for about 20 cents a bottle which we keep in baskets in the children’s rooms and playroom so that friends, visiting moms, nannies, guests, and our kids can always grab and drink a bottle of water that they can finish !

I work with Nespresso who delivers their cups monthly, as well as GEVALIA both who offer their delivery services for free.

I work with one SUPERMARKET for my major shopping’s. How you work with one supermarket is you introduce yourself to the girls who run the customer service desk. You let them know this is your big shopping day and ask where you can leave your carts after you fill them up so they can stay safe. Everyone knows the NYC carts are tiny because the aisles are tiny. Eventually the customer service people will be happy to begin ringing up your carts while you continue to shop as a service. This is also especially nice as you don’t have to unload!

Enjoy the tips on food shopping and enjoy your day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Written by my 8 year old as a class project when asked to name something to be thanksful for:

I am thankful for my Mom. I am thankful for her because she is always giving good advice. Sometimes she gives me good advice is maybe when I am in a fight she might tell me what to do when I cannot handle it myself.

Another reason I love my mom is because she is always trying and succeeding to cheer me up. A few ways she might cheer me up is by playing a game or ask to do something outside and stuff like that.

I have lots more ways I love my mom and heres one more. She is always
Wanting love. In the way of love I mean wanting hugs, playing games and having what she calls SPECIAL TIME.

Sometimes I might be in the mood if not she would cheer me up. Like I said before I have lots more reasons I love my mom but for now that’s why I love my mom so much.

…………………………………….Thank you my fourth son…………………………….
………….I will treasure your words forever…………………………………………..
…………………………..I am thankful for you…………………………………………….

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Here is a game I copied from an old Dr. Suess Game.
I share this now as a sort of tribute to the man Theodor Seuss Geisel
born March 1904 !

Its something everyone can do at home with their kids of all ages.

All you need to do it get




Here is how you play and what you do,

On the index cards on one side you are going to write the number

1 in one color sharpie on 10 index cards

2 in a different color sharpie on another 10 index cards

3 in the third color on another 10 index cards

The reason you are writing in three different colors is in case all the children
playing can not read the numbers you can say pick up one of each color.

On the other side of all the 1 index cards you are going to write an action:


The actions you can see your kids enjoying !

On the other side of all the 2 index cards you are going to write
all the object you have collected from your house and are ready to play with


and on the other side of the 3 index cards you are going to write all the places on

your body you can hold something


Every child takes a turn picking up one card from each pile

so they have three cards.

They might read something like this:

JUMP with the SPOON under your arm.

You NEED want to have a place where they do this action. A starting point

and an ending point.

I always like to make them far apart, from where you are playing the game

to the furthest point possible and back !

This is a great game to play this weekend with your kids ! Have fun !

Friday, March 5, 2010

13 years old on CREATING AN IDENTITY

The 13 year old was asked as a homework assignment to create an identity for himself
to respond to blogs with his classmates and teachers!

My struggle is writing this blog. Not because I don’t like writing, not because I don’t like homework, but because I don’t like sharing about myself. Sometimes I don’t know enough about who I am to tell other people. I could never categorize myself because I am not like other people.

Other people make adjectives to describe how they are feeling, and we use these adjectives to describe how we are feeling and who we are. My feelings are not categorized in the way other peoples are. Neither am I. I have trouble talking about myself for that reason I have nothing to say that anyone can understand. Nobody can describe themselves using premade words.

Feelings and beings are so individual and complex you just cannot do it is just impossible. It is amazing that we live in a world where people are trying to be themselves without taking the time to learn who they are, and by just using a premade word.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DINNER TIME What do U expect?

Dinner Time

What do you expect. I have decided to take a trip to staples and map out exactly
what I expect on a gold sign which stands against the piano music stand. The Piano
sits in the dining room and is a great holder for the dinner table cards, the dinner
table manners books and now the EXPECTATION POSTER.

In our house we all know that Dinner time is early and
all the children are reminded every day that dinner time is
coming. To help with the hungry coming home from school
snacking I make sure to put out string beans, carrots and
bananas and grapes on the kitchen counter. Sure the Oreo
in the cabinet is what they are seeking but I do get some pickers

The message of being grateful and thankful is one that will
come up a lot in many pages of our blog. Here is where we ask
the children to appreciate either silently or out loud something
they are thankful for this week, this day or the moment

They sound a bit like this:

*I am thankful that my brother is staying at school late for sports

*I am thankful mom did woodworking with me at school today

*I am thankful we raised a lot of money for the seeing eye dog
from our Kindergarten Bake Sale

*I am thankful we are gonna see Taylor Swift soon, think we can
go backstage?

*I am thankful I am not hungry cause "Is this all you know how
to cook, mom?"

and later.......

*I am thankful there was no food left and I am getting Chinese

This is the hardest one for me. The children live in their
own worlds for the most part and understanding that
they should remain at the table until everyone is finished
eating sometimes can seem like torture for them.

When the table is set just a bit nicer, the candles are lit,
and extra effort was put into the dinner, i am finding the
children are rising to the occassion. Sometimes they are
dancing to the occassion.

With the music playing in the dining room before anyone is
even called to dinner, children get a happy feeling, something
sounds nice in there......

Good luck with your dinner time signs and keep the music playing !

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Twelve year old FAMILY POEM

My family is a car....lots of parts...some good and some are bad.

My dad is the oil helping the car work

My Mom is the steering wheel always leading us in the right direction

I am the windows, always starting at 147 things

My 10 year old brother is the GPS always trying to find the right way

but makes really wierd sounds when it is recalculating

My oldest brother is the roof of the car, hurts when you stand up

My eight year old brother is the broken windshield wiper always annoying.

My little sister is the wheels always going faster, never stopping.

My baby brother is the funny tv show always making us laugh and our dog

is the headlights always seeing the road!

and thats my family poem.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This blog is to give you information on amazing specific offers for New Yorkers that

you can offer to your organizations or take advantage of yourself !

Also since the children are in playoffs with their sports and the new seasons have not started yet you might have some room in your schedule to plan a few saturday events.

I have researched the following for you:


Monday, March 29, 2010 from 6 pm to 8 pm YWCA-NYC Community Workshop: Entrepreneurship 101; Learn How To Start a Business From Women Who Have Been There. Featuring: Elise James De-Cruise, Founder of AthletesWork and Robin Cohn, President, Robin Cohn & Company at YWCA-NYC Family Resource Center Community Room,500 West 56th Street (btw 10-11 past the blue John Jay College Awning). This workshop is free and open to the public. RSVP by March 28th to Sara Raassi at or 212 735 9708. Speakers’ Biographies: and


-The Apple store has a program for schools…schools can arrange field trips to the Upper West Side site where students can learn about creating multimedia projects. Apple staff will tailor the program to the school's curriculum.


-The Fire Department is offering free CPR courses. The FDNY has partnered with NYC Service and New York Sports Clubs (NYSC) to launch FDNY CPR to Go, a program that offers free CPR classes at gym locations throughout the five boroughs. Participants in every class learn basic CPR skills from a member of the FDNY Emergency Medical Service. Volunteers for the class follow along using the CPR Anytime Personal Learning Kit, which features an instructional DVD and an inflatable mannequin. All participants are asked to take home the kit and pledge to show five of their family members and friends how to perform CPR. In addition, if your organization wants to sponsor a training, the FDNY will come to your site and do the training. Let us know so we can schedule it.


Diller-Quaile Rug Concerts

The Diller Quaile School of Music
24 East 95th Street
Children are introduced to a variety of instruments and music from diverse periods. Singing, movement
Ages: 1-5
Time: Fri 1:30pm & 2:30pm; Sat 9:30am, 10:30am & 11:30am
Cost: $20/person

Tim Burton

Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
The filmmaker behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands

Ages: 7-19
Time: During museum hours
Cost: Free with paid admission

Farms & Gardens:
Art Farm in the City: Mornings on the Farm

Art Farm in the City
419 East 91st Street
On Saturday and Sunday mornings, families can drop by Art Farm in the City to feed the animals

Ages: 1-10
Time: 8am-10am
Cost: Children $15; Adults free (w/child)

Children's Dance Classes: Bharata Natyam

Lotus Music and Dance
109 West 27th Street, 8th Floor
Bharata Natyam, a form of classical Indian dance, tells a story through movement

Ages: 6-12
Time: 10-11AM
Cost: $16 member, $21 nonmember

Sammie & Tudie's Imagination Playhouse

Theater Ten Ten
1010 Park Avenue
Sammie & Tudie perform an interactive blend of clowning, magic, and mischief.

Ages: 4-10
Time: 11am; doors open 10:30am
Cost: $20 (at the door, cash only)

On saturday my younger kids will be
TAKING OFF FOR THE MOON with World Traveller's Program:
Where: Jan Hus Church • 351 E. 74th St. (1st & 2nd) • New York City
Who: Children ages 3 1/2 - 7

Pre-paid Price: single session $15
2 sessions $25
siblings & friends travel 1/2 fare
Drop-in Price: last minute drop-ins - $20 a session

Our Town

Barrow Street Theatre
27 Barrow Street
Thornton Wilder's classic takes a bow Off-Broadway - and the production is pure magic.

the Older children ages 10-19
2:0pm & 7:30pm
Cost: $49.50-$95

Bird Brain

The Drilling Company Theater
236 W 78th Street
Vern Thiessen's adaptation of the Albert Wendt short story about being a little different

Ages: 5-12
Time: 12n
Cost: $15

and SUNDAY MARCH 7, 2010


Open 7 days a week
Sun - Wed ..............11am - 2am

48 East 23rd StreetBetween Park and Madison New York, New York 10010 Telephone: 212.982.8802
Court Rates

$5 per half hour for members
$10 per half hour for general public
After 6pm
$10 per half hour for members
$20 per half hour for general public

Another Baby

As a mother of six children every ones first response is


Another baby?
Everyone is not coming from the same perspective, so I can understand the comment, ANOTHER BABY?
What does another baby mean to you?

Being a mother of six children I can certainly share some of the immediate thoughts that come to my mind when I think of another baby……or that must have come to my mind every time I thought about having another baby.

*Another Baby? Of course! Why I cannot imagine a more
Important purpose in my life. A more important reason for
Being here, for joining together in marriage with my husband
Then to co create life, to carry life, to give birth to a baby!

To enter into the agreement to care, nurture, surrender complete and unconditional love to whatever circumstances
I am faced with in the best interests and development of another human being ! To agree to separate from their life in such a way that I can become part a welcomed part of their own worlds.

You might have also guessed that Raising Six Children in New York City might put me in the category of being close to 40 years old. (Close might mean before or after the actually number 40)

I am sure that there are another set of emotions that are stemming from this, the last chances to have another baby, the beginning of another era of our lives, the ability to extend the era we are already in!

Here are the comments from the six children about a seventh baby:

13 year old “Mom, will I never be enough for you”
12 year old “No way mom, you will be way to old
10 year old “My oldest brother will be in college when
The new baby is in fourth grade like me.”
8 year old “hey that’s cool”
6 year old “Baby, I would love to play with a baby all the
4 year old “No way, I am the baby!”