Friday, March 26, 2010

On Choices II

Heres the plan while we wait for the poll !

I will go to the bank this morning and get $100.00
single dollar bills. I will break the single dollars down into packages of $25.00. Everytime I pay for something I will have the 13 year old or the 10 year old pay the first TWENTY FIVE dollars out so while counting the money to pay for something.....they can see it takes a while to count out $25.00.

Today when we finish Breakfast at Denny's and the bill is $25.00
I will make sure they pay for the bill completely.

Tonight we are going Dog Sledding and its $25.00 per person to hold the reins. I will make sure both the 13 and 10 year old know the value of $25.00

If they reimburse it I know it will also teach them the value for working hard for their money their earn on their point charts and making good decisions with saving it and spending it

I also know my words have more weight for them to hear my lessons if I do not make them reimburse it but express my reasonings
that I want them to value money as they will soon be responsible for their own well beings and this value will become something they want to take with them on their journey.

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