Monday, March 29, 2010

On Brushing Teeth

Raising Six Children and ensuring that Six children are brushing their teeth every morning and every night. As we are dealing with all age groups here, there are different tactics that we use.

The 4 and 6 and 8 year old are still motivated by the gold star chart which is behind the bathroom door. The biggest motivater here is the TRUST factor as I allow the children to manage this chart themselves! There is always a prize and it usually is coordinated with the every 6 month dentist visit.

The 10, 12 and 13 year old require a bit more nugging and motivation. For the most part they want to brush their teeth but when you remind them it is not the best time or they dont particularly like to be TOLD at that moment what to do.

I have found that NEW TOOTHBRUSHES is a great motivator.
You know what it is like when you get something new.

In our house we slurge on New Toothbrushes Quite often in order to keep the issue alive.
I love the toothbrush covers which we use SHARPIES to mark childrens names on. We use colors of the covers as a standard colors belonging to certain children.

Children have more than one toothbrush. Another good trick as besides for the toothbrushes we have in their bathrooms we also have another set in the kitchen bathroom which is close to the front door as a reminder before we leave for school for anyone who forgot the morning brush !

As a last resort when a child is just not brushing their teeth we use a RED PEN and mark their point charts with the dollar amount that a cavity filling costs and we let them know that they should not use this money on their point charts that equals the RED PEN DOLLAR AMOUNT so they can understand that they are responsible for avoiding this the long run as great parents that you are you want your kids to have great teeth!

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