Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Travel

On Travel

When I arrive at a destination there is the execution of an ARRIVAL PLAN to begin any vacation. Travelling with six children throughout airports, on the plane, bathroom calls while the seat belt sign is on, delays on runways, car rental companies who can only find a Toyota rav 4 left as the reserved suburban is out of order………(or given away).

Needless to say there is a lot we all deal with!

Upon entrance into the rental vehicle, I proceed to a fast food meal. Any fast food meal will do. If the children are just NOT hungry at all we will at least stop at a service station and pick up a six pack of water, milk, a candy, some sandwiches.

When we arrive at the resort we settle into where everyone is going to sleep, we move furniture around, mostly to move sitting chairs into the main area so there are more places for the kids to sit, and to have rooms with…multiple beds somehow in the largest room, I have already shipped directly from to the resort in advance my standard order of two one nicely packaged self inflating twin air double mattress. A simple push of a button and presto, you can have a double high air mattress as an extra bed. I also travel with a flannel pouch of sheets, a fitted, flat and flannel cover, pillow cases that fit the beds nicely. I add in a padded mattress cover as it takes up no room and fits in the pouch!

They arrive at a resort for a cost of under $60.00 each and I don’t take them back home with me as I cant ever get them to fit into the small box that they arrive in.

It’s really nice to have the older children have their own beds and the younger children use the air mattress”

Air mattresses in the rooms. This is more of a logistical issue I have when travelling with six children. But it opens up a new world to families who have a two or three children who prefer not to share beds or get extra rooms.

The boxes are unpacked from the luggage that was shipped. The boxes are folded and placed under the bed for return shipping recycling.

We designate a table and plug in our extension cords for all the chargers and computers. We take a laundry bag and hang it on the back of the bathroom doors!

This particular trip is a ski trip and there is just not enough space for everyone’s ski stuff. I run out to the local walmat and purchase a bunch laundry baskets for $6.00 each. I label each basket with each Childs name and place it across the bottom of the closets. Here is where all the excess clothes are going, the draws are split up between PJ, Undergarments, pants and dresses and shirts are hanging !

Sweaters and sweatshirts are folded on the top shelves of the closets closets, boots are lined up by the door and round baskets labeled again are holding gloves, goggles, one basket for wool socks, one for cotton socks and another one for hats!.

Take these tips on travel….always bring scotch tape, a sharpie and

Plain white paper or index cards for your signs charts and labels!

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