Friday, March 12, 2010



You can walk around the neighborhood

You can walk in Central Park

and now you can walk the HIGHLINE.

If you get yourself to 20th and 9th avenue there is a staircase that
takes you up to the HIGHLINE. This used to be a traintrack that turned
into a path with greenery and amazing views.

What a nice sunday afternoon with the family to walk together on the HIGHLINE
leave the neighborhood and try something new.

Along the path are staircases that bring you down to some points of interest!

(careful moms with the strollers, there are points that offer elevator access but
not all points.)

My favorite is the CHELSEA MARKET.
What a great opportunity to have lunch by choosing some of the most amazing collectings of foods in the city.

Another favorite moving down the highline is a stop at the MEAT PACKING DISTRICT.

Here you go down again off the highline and can stroll the shops on cobblestone streets
where all the buildings are low and there is great light.

You can see the west side highway and cross if you want over to Chelsea Piers for part two of your weekend activity.

We went there this weekend, with the children and we had a backpack with costumes inside.

There is a pretty cool stage/theatre which is viewing (through a glass wall ) the street below,

What a fun oppotunity for the kids to put on a show for you......and all whose watching!

I would pack a deck of cards and sit on a few lounge chairs along the way and play a game of cards.

Quiet, nice, simple FAMILY OUTINGS. We are not doing too much, but we are doing it together.

Dad, walked the older boys home from 14th and 9th avenue and made it all the way to 60th and 3rd. I stopped at 23rd and 8th with the younger crew when I saw ALICE AND WONDERLAND

playing at the Chelsea Cinema in 5 minutes !!! It was in 3D and the kids really enjoyed it!

Have a great Weekend ! and have a Great Spring Break

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