Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Here are the tips:

Bachelors Gulch Mountain is the first choice for the entire package.
A base mountain hotel, not exclusive to people staying on the mountain
and once the lift closes at 4:30pm the only way out is a shuttle. The base hotel is the pricey Ritz Carlton which is well worth its cost however for a family of six children even the Ritz residences are just too small to warrant their nightly cost of getting two.

As you head up the Mountain their are condo residences, some are as big as attached houses, and arethey rentable as GROUND FLOOR ski into the living room and ski out to the base mountain lift / the deck of the Ritz
Carlton. (Upper units are extremely reasonable.)

When you stay at these units you are welcomed to the Ritz Carlton facilities. Which includes smores every night, music and fire pit
fabulous restaurants and a starting place for most tours and
restaurant KAT departures.

SNOW CLOUD is right next door and heading up the mountain you have

Then there are the SKI PASSES. You must purchase your ski passes on the internet through EPIC PASS in advance. This is much cheaper as the rate here is higher at the mountain. Costing $56.00 per day for a childs lift ticket, $25.00 per day if they are in ski camp. This tickets lets you ski ALL MOUNTAINS in this area and offers many other services:

*Complete shuttle service between all mountains and all places you are staying.

*COOKIE TIME at the end of Beaver Creek Mountain 3:00pm daily.

*Amazing places on the montains to eat "CABINS" from tableclothes to getting handed the hamburger meat cook your own burger on top of the mountain on massive grills.

*Red information Jacket skiiers who are all over the mountain and seem to be there anytime I fall !

A trick to know is you can buy a friend ski with you pass for $46.00 a day and you are allowed six days on everyones one full price pass. This works better for families staying less than 6 days..

Then there is BEAVER CREEK MOUNTAIN. This is the mainstream center of this entire area and the energy is amazing. Ski school programs from the 3 year olds to the teens are lined up waiting to get in ! Because its fun, the instructors are amazing and the gold mines and candy searches and tee pee parks to ski through are just fun for the kids!

The Park Hyatt seems to be the deck of this area offering luxury at the base of the Mountain....and a scene! If you are staying in this area one way or the other you will spend a great deal of time at the base of this mountain. On the lower level where the ice skating rink are and many choices of shops and restaurants . Ice Caves, Reindeer, Concerts....

The Osprey is just off to the opposite end, where you are actually at the base of the Strawberry lift, which crosses you over to Bachelors Gulch Montain.....and Arrowhead. Both these options are completely ski in and ski out to the SKI VALET.

Arrowhead base mountain is completely low key, and with its self service restaurant and red awnings, its a welcoming place to stop for lunch.

Down the Block is Vail Mountain, and Adventure Ridge, Lionshead at Eagle Basin Gondola. Here is am amazing collection of childrens activities. You take the Gondola up after 2:30pm for free and park for free too!

*Young Discovery Center with Tues and Sat Presentations

*Snowmobiles (my four year old rode his own around a track) *Ski bikes (ages twelve and up, Blue Skiier level) *Bungee Jumping on a Trampoline


In the area there is also Ballooning, Dog Sledding, Sleigh Rides, Hot Springs to soak in,Music inside an ice cave, Family off Ski Challenges.

The sun is shining and Colorado in March in just an amazing place to visit. Raising Six Children in New York City.....we are grateful for the opportunity to be here with our family, safe and skiing!

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