Sunday, March 14, 2010



Raising six children in New york City you have to have a few secrets. I am ready to share these secrets
with the World in my Book, and here is one now....

Anyone who knows me knows that I have endless energy. You would think that keeping six schedules straight
would tire one out, but actually the secret is in the schedules and organization.

The secret to this energy is a gift from the constant creation or manifesting of how to share the love, joy and happiness
with the most amazing people in my World, my family, my children and my husband.! I also have room for friends, and sharing the lov in a big way running school events, charity events and community fairs!

The endless energy comes when every detail is clearly organized, how things are going to happen, the perfect balances are mapped out, charted, shared, clear and posted for a great day, a great weekend, a great vacation, a great event.....its as if the joy, love and happiness appear immediately once you are organized.......and there is so much room left now in your life to just enjoy these feelings. These feelings that lift you up and give your spirit energy to skip forward in your day, your life., your plans.

When you find something that works, stick with it! When you find something that doesnt work, change it.
Schedule it !!! Dont leave too much room for things to go wrong, move in the direction of things goiong right!

What are your weekend plans? Do you have a chart with a movie filled in, a dinner time assigned, a sporting event everyone can watch on tv together, is there a plan?

Your vacation, Map out your days, what do you want to do with your kids before the summer begins, For mothers day, For Fathers Day.

Begin today and see your energy rise from organizing your liife forward with lov, joy and happiness !

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Anonymous said...

Your endless energy comes from passion...If you could bottle up and sell your passion for the ART OF MOTHERHOOD now that would be a best seller for sure! My love and passion and organization skills were acquired in the years of teaching for many mothers who were in fields that required no real organizational skills I think they feel overwhelmed by it all....I have empathy however with that passion in the bottle any mother can get on a new program....the passion of motherhood is the ART as an artist I LOVE spending my time with other mothers who beat to the off beat drum of going on bear hunts or wilderness adventures or as basic as family movie night with popcorn and candy....I live with passion for my kids and their life for me is one big lesson plan....what a fun classroom....sometimes u need inspirations for new ideas I was very very lucky to attend canyon ranch that trip was filled with ideas one which inspired me to create dream or wish sticks with my kids and qe display them in an outdoor garden area..fill your life up and fill the kids up with your love and passion or buy the passion in the bottle !!!!