Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on Music

It is really amazing what a difference every activity makes with music.

For me as a mother, when the music is playing, your mind is listening

to the song, you are singing out loud or in your head. A familiar song

for sure you are reviewing the lyrics and a new song you are deciding

if you like, listening therefore ,even more closely.

There is less room for your mind to wonder. Music will give

you a chance to tone down the idle chatter that you have going on in your head

and enjoy the moments you planned for.

Turn on the music when you are doing an activity with your children.Whether it be a board game, arts and crafts or cooking dinner....Let let the music play.

Here are a few helpful hints on how to make this happen.

*All the cable networks have music channels, I am not speaking about MTV I am

referring so somewhere in the 600's on your cable or satellite tv there is a listing

of everything from easy listening to the top 20 countdown. The picture on the screen

will not matter, but the music playing through the tv is one way to get backround music into your room

*Ipod Stations. These stations are now priced at under $20.00 and provide amazing

sound. I like to have my children place their ipods in the station so that they feel more

connected to the activity with their music playing. I also like to hear the music they

are choosing!

*Boom boxes. Also an electronics item that is extremely reasonable to purchase with

a cd player and ipod dock. I like these portable music players as I can take them around the house.

Sounds of nature, Spa Music. This is a different breed from elevator music and has

become acceptable as Mommy's SPA music. Music that we stretch to, music that can

be playing in the bathroom during bathtub time, backround music that we do not sing to but we know its there.

Today is the day to TURN ON THE MUSIC and let your hearts sing !

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Anonymous said...

Yes... That is your own loving voice... no one else would or could write that... if you write your own thoughts and dont quote others or try to tailor your message you will be a loving star as you are with your children and husband