Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On 40 something and Another Baby

ON 40 Something and BABIES

It is amazing to learn about the tales you hear about "the clock is ticking", have a baby before forty. When you are pregnant as many times as me and popping out six children in eight years you don’t think much about the 40 something rule.

But there is a rule out there and I have been learning all about it the more my husband and I ponder having another child.

Today, the OBGYN who delivered all six of my children via cesarean
Section or C-Section has given me the go ahead for having a seventh!
I am strong, healthy and I healed relativity well for having six (6) C-SECTIONS.
Did I forget the year in lotto burke classes just to find my stomach muscles…I think they have reattached themselves to scar tissue (that’s my layman’s terms for why I cannot do sit ups!)

The 40 something rule is what happens to ones eggs when they reach the age of 40. They might be there, but the chances of them making it all the way to a healthy nine month pregnancy are filled with obstacles that were just not there before !
Will I have a seventh child, that’s still to be decided but if you are thinking about another child, and your not yet 40…. take it from me,
It will all be worth it !

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