Monday, March 8, 2010



Raising six children in New York City there is quite a variety and opportunities to keep the house filled with the most amazing of treats! Within walking distance from my house are some of the most amazing bakeries, butchers, fruit markets, prepared foods.

The one stop shop for deserts is DEAN AND DELUCA right on 85th and Madison. They collect and sell the best of New York Finest Bakeries all under one roof!
That’s deserts……..But what about the food items! Surely feeding eight people Breakfast and Dinner Daily is a great fete. DEAN AND DELUCA is one of my favorite morning stops. With
smiling faces serving cappachinos and fresh fruits, vegtables, chocolates, cookies, cakes, calling my name....and thats just on one side. I can taste the lunch soup special, and get my own favorite suishi pieces packed up, order up a nice flower arrangement while I am waiting for the friendly attendants to packup some dinner sides!

We visit the supermarket daily for milk, bread, eggs and juice and make sure to include in those visits the fruits and vegetables in small amounts! We visit the supermarkets or butchers for fresh poultry, fish or beef or have DEAN AND DELUCA pre package small meats that the older children can manage themselves to cook.

For items such as Tide, Paper Towels, Plastic Bags, Garbage bags, fruit rolls ups,macaroni boxes, microwave popcorn, coffee cups, napkins, cascade, paper plates,batteries,juice boxes, cases of soups we send a shopper to COSTCO !

In New York City there is a service for anything! For a fee and a clearly written list there is a COSTCO SHOPPING SERVICE.A Women with a VAN who goes shopping for you.
I have already calculated that my savings on purchasing just these items alone in bulk still gives me a savings over the fee. In my case, I have learned to hide the extra 5 boxes of pasta up above the cabinets or behind the pots and pans and only put out the other 7 boxes in the cabinets !
It’s a lot easier to refill from your own house them to refill from the supermarket or have a larger shopping daily!

I work with Poland Spring Deliver service as they have a set schedule for free once a month they deliver water and ice tea and palmer lemonade and ice tea to the house. That service is free

I work with CVS stores locally who deliver 12 oz water bottles monthly for about 20 cents a bottle which we keep in baskets in the children’s rooms and playroom so that friends, visiting moms, nannies, guests, and our kids can always grab and drink a bottle of water that they can finish !

I work with Nespresso who delivers their cups monthly, as well as GEVALIA both who offer their delivery services for free.

I work with one SUPERMARKET for my major shopping’s. How you work with one supermarket is you introduce yourself to the girls who run the customer service desk. You let them know this is your big shopping day and ask where you can leave your carts after you fill them up so they can stay safe. Everyone knows the NYC carts are tiny because the aisles are tiny. Eventually the customer service people will be happy to begin ringing up your carts while you continue to shop as a service. This is also especially nice as you don’t have to unload!

Enjoy the tips on food shopping and enjoy your day!

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