Thursday, March 11, 2010

on organizing - REPORTS CARDS

Accordian folders are sold everywhere and I have one for each of my children. I wrote labels on the outside of each opening their grades,

It is never too late to start. Start now with your reports cards you are getting this week and just leave the first few slots open. One day you will find the old reports cards, maybe you know where they are.

Either way, your kids are getting reports cards and being the concerned parents that you are, you want to follow their progress.

In New York City there are so many services available to support your children and if you see that the report cards of nursery-lower school continue to speak about fine motor skills, and you move into kindergarten and you read how the teacher speaks about it again, You might seek out a professional consultation to support your findings. They will want to see the history of the teacher report cards and you will have them organized!

I also use these folders to file any tests such as ERB, WIPSY or other tests that the school administers and we receive copies of. ( Eye tests and testing like that would go into medical records...SEE ON ORGANIZING MEDICAL RECORDS)

I know in lower schools the reports cards are not meant to be shared with the children but I appreciate how much work EACH teacher is going through to make a clear assessment of my child and I feel that warrants being read more than once. I sometimes grab a REPORT CARD ACCORDIAN FOLDER from one child when I see them having a hard day after school (at night) and read through the report cards.

A mothers instinct will give you answers on how best to help this child…and so will the reports written by the teachers who spend so much time with your children every day !

I hope your conferences go well and go out and buy a ReportCard organizer today

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