Monday, March 15, 2010


Did you ever walk into the room and turn off the TV to get your child


Guilty !

I think it is impossible to compete with the television when there is

an important announcement to make, something to share, something to say.

And you of course you know that what you have to say is more important

than what Drake is about to say to Josh on Nick, but do your kids think so?

It is no secret that if you were watching a movie in your space and your children

came into the room, turned off the movie to announce they just won their video game, o

they want you to do someting for might not be thrilled!

And while we continue to turn off the TV, do our children do this to us ?

Its amazing but not one of my six children in a cumulative 53 years together

have not) Have yours?

Then its time to rise above this and try something new!


Lower the volume and try to wait for the commercial, lower the volume if its a movie

and let the children know you have something important to say. Lower the volume an

see if they can PAUSE a moment so you can find out what they want for dinner, tell them

the time is nearing towards their next activity, and so on !

Respecting who your children are and what they are doing will make for a better relationship in the greater picture.

When approaching the older children who are watching TV, I always say, I see this isnt a good time but Ill come back when the program is over. This helps give a teen a heads up that you are coming to talk to them, and that you respect their space not to invade it at the second you need to say something ! (it takes time organization to make sure to be there when their program ends)

Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel is a great TV show that all six children enjoy watching together. Is there a show your children watch regularly with you ?

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