Friday, March 19, 2010

On Marriage

One of my favorite books is the 'Marriage of Sex and Spirit" edited By Geralyn Gendreau. It is a collection of 45 authors writing in their own words about marriage and relationships. This is not a parenting book. But a relationship book that has something for everybody !

Raising six children means nurturing six different relationship. Part of my children learning about what I do, is by watching the way I nuture the relationships with them and their siblings, but another way they learn is by watching how I nuture the relationship with their father.

My husbands name is always included when he is not around. And I mean
in the most positive light...................................

When I am getting new sneakers for our son:

** "Daddy and Mommy are really glad we can get these for you"
**"Daddy is excited that you are playing basketball"
**"Daddy is going to be so proud of your skiing."
**"Lets read that report to Daddy later,"
**"Lets make a sign to welcome Daddy."

When I travel ahead of my husband I make sure the chilIdren know
where Daddy's stuff is going in my room, or how Daddy would like this or that.

On this Spring Break Trip my phone service did not work in our hotel room and I went to get a "Go" phone in another service that did work. This is such an important lesson for the younger children to show them how important it is for mommy and daddy to be in touch with eachother.

Isnt this the same lesson we want to teach our children to be in touch with us.

Paul of the New Testament, speaks of his letter to Romans, Chapter 7, verses 12-16.:

I cannot understand my own behavior. I fail to carry out the things I want to do, I find myself doing the very things I hate. When I act against my own will, that means I have a self that acknowledges that the Law is good, and so the thing behaving in that way is not myself but sin living inside me.

What does this mean to you?
To me this means that we are all terrific mothers and loving spouses
and it is important in raising your children to continue to act in the way you really want to with the one you love, the ones you love and when you notice yourself getting upset or your mood changing to low one remember your intentions !

Consciously Practice Loving Behaviors !

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Dena said...

Wonderful post with two additional resources, which are great: scripture and a favorite book. Thanks for incorporating those into your feelings and for sharing from the heart.