Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DINNER TIME What do they want to eat ?

We have the dinner time routine all set !

We have the beautiful dinner table ready !

We have the games, candles and music playing !

We have the chart of what needs to happen at the table

and we are all there !

Now its about the food ????

The children are used to a MENU (THAT I COOK) which is usually

Meat or Fish Meat which is breaded, pan seared and then put to bake after being

lightly browned. We bake at 400 for about 20 minutes and thats

one full portion for the four older kids, and one more cut into cubes for

the younger two

Fish is Salmon, or breaded cod, or many other choices of white style
fish and for the younger kids we introduce healthy minced fish sticks !

Rice or Pasta Here we can go with a variety of rices, from rice a roni, to cousous,

brown steamed, uncle bens white, mexican rice, tons of rices or

Pastas, also many choices with many choices of sauces, alfredo, red,pink

butter, oil, and so on

Vegetable Any vegetable, the kids eat them all...Corn and Brocolli more than others

Aparagus, string breans, snow peas, etc...

Cold veges are on the table every night which include carrots and celery !

We always have a basket of fresh baked bread rolls, or croissants !

The children have voiced their opinions that they need a change. That its the same meal

and they want something different!

So different, they have gotten. We went around the neighborhood and picked up

about 20 menus to get some variety of foods into our house. I also have some great friends

who have some great simple recipies which I am ready to try out......only the kids have not been that welcoming of the new foods.

Today was pork ribs, Dough balls filled with meat and potatoes and pork rinds...I introduced blood sausage for effect and I was booed out of the dining room. (SPANISH FOOD)

The day before was Make your Own Gyro;s with lamb meat sliced, salad, yogurt sauce, salad with feta and baked potatoes on the sides with brocolli !! (GREEK FOOD) Another Big Boo

The day before was sliced chicken soaked in broth with dipping sauces from orange chicken

to tandori, to sour cream, (INDIAN) ...I handed out marshmellow skwers for the dipping process

The day before that was a neighborhood favorite Chirpin Chicken, Rack of ribs and mashed potatoes, pita breads for everyone and corn on the cob sticks. (AMERICAN)

Why did these meals not go over well. The children asked for variety and it was offered.

I will photostat all the menus I collected and hand them out to the children with different color highlighter pens. I will ask them to hight light the meals that they would eat. I will go over the same with the younger children and come up with some variety that they have pre agreed to at least taste !

Today I ran into a CORNER BAKERY which happened to me next to my docters office
and picked up 5 slices of CHICKEN MEATLOAF, a pound of roasted potatoes, garlic spring beans and roasted carrots, cornbread, woopie cakes one for each. A starter of Tomato Leak Soup which I will float a ball of sour cream in and serve in a margerita glass with a melba toast!

Have fun with these dinner ideas !

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