Monday, March 15, 2010

on Skiing and go phones

Skiing is an amazing family sport and I would like to help everyone believe that they

can DO IT !!!


SKI EQUIPTMENT- Paragon sports offeres season ski rentals at the same rates that is costs to rent equiptm for a weekend at any local or "destination" ski resort.

A big duffle bag which keeps these skis somewhere in your house and moving them around is all you need. Once you have the skis, boots and poles or snowboard and boots

half the battle is done !

If you plan on skiing even just a few weekends locally at some of the spots such as



then it will be well worth it

Now we have a SKI DRESSING CHART for the children. The chart is a Bubble stick

figure (because I am not an artist)

HEAD........................................Snow Hat

Face Gator


chapstick which we keep in a necklace pouch

along with id and money for emergency

BODY....................................... Thermal long sleeve

Turtleneck or Long Sleeve Under Armor

Long Sleeve Collared Three Button Shirt or Fleece


SKI JACKET or One Piece

PANTS...................................... Thermal pants

Stetchy pants or sweat pants

SKI PANTS or one Piece

SOCKS....................................... One Good Pair of Wool Socks

These are our ski clothes and they dont change much. When we are done skiing each

set of clothes is designated for either the washer or be to refolder and put back into the

SKI PILE of clothes for the next day !

Teach your kids early how to manage their ski piles ........To take off their ski clothes

after they ski so they have them for the next day !

When you travel to ski resorts for a vacation in skiing, you can ship your ski piles

and ski equiptment in advance.....even if you want to travel and pack your luggage

last minute.

GO PHONES- This is a phone in a package that you can purchase for about $30.00.
There is no plan, there is no commitment, Its just a phone that you activate with your
credit card . My eight, ten, twelve and thirteen year old who all can ride the ski lifts
carry phones in their pockets. I highly recommend this as you tend to seperate by accident really fast when one person takes a slight turn on a different trail.

Go phones are offered by both at and t and Verizon. Make sure to ask the mountain
information services which carrier works best on the mountain you are skiing. They
all WILL know !

Have fun Spring Skiing, Make your clothing chart, check out the go phones....
You will be happy you did !


Anonymous said...

Love the post! Reading it from Steamboat Springs, CO where I'm skiing with one of my kids who is on spring break now and the other one is coming in a few days as she has a different spring break. I'd love to know your thoughts on juggling a ski vacation when kids have different vacation times. So far has gone well, but always appreciate your advice singe you have more kids!

Anonymous said...

Karen -- as you know I take our crew skiing and I love this post. very helpful the idea of Go phone (instead of walkie talkies) and the necklace pouch. but, I sure hope your family is all in helmets -- Lisa and I wear them now -- love John