Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Parenting

It seems strange to be on a vacation in a beautiful place,

skiing, visiting an ice castle, bungee tampoline jumping,

sledding down the mountain when the lifts close....but them

to hear.....


Heres what I posted on the wall and sent it to everyones go

phones for them to reread every morning before they make

a statement like that.

A vacation is a collection of activities and down time with

your family and in your own space.

Being a child growing up in New York City vacations allow

you the opportunities to experience freedoms you might

otherwise not be getting.

The freedom to walk outside and play in the snow.

The freedom to Ski (for most of you).

The freedom to go off into a room and read a book,

play computer games or watch tv.

I am happy to keep the activities coming and keep offering

you good opportunities to see and buy things.

If you are BORED you have to ask yourself what is it that

your feeling that is making it difficult for you to receive these


Your BORED has nothing to do with me so I dont know how to respond, just listen and offer you these words to re-read over and over again.

The answer is within you and the best I can do if offer your my understanding, good nutrition, and continue on my path of love,

joy and happiness !

Have a great vacation day !

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