Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Baby

As a mother of six children every ones first response is


Another baby?
Everyone is not coming from the same perspective, so I can understand the comment, ANOTHER BABY?
What does another baby mean to you?

Being a mother of six children I can certainly share some of the immediate thoughts that come to my mind when I think of another baby……or that must have come to my mind every time I thought about having another baby.

*Another Baby? Of course! Why I cannot imagine a more
Important purpose in my life. A more important reason for
Being here, for joining together in marriage with my husband
Then to co create life, to carry life, to give birth to a baby!

To enter into the agreement to care, nurture, surrender complete and unconditional love to whatever circumstances
I am faced with in the best interests and development of another human being ! To agree to separate from their life in such a way that I can become part a welcomed part of their own worlds.

You might have also guessed that Raising Six Children in New York City might put me in the category of being close to 40 years old. (Close might mean before or after the actually number 40)

I am sure that there are another set of emotions that are stemming from this, the last chances to have another baby, the beginning of another era of our lives, the ability to extend the era we are already in!

Here are the comments from the six children about a seventh baby:

13 year old “Mom, will I never be enough for you”
12 year old “No way mom, you will be way to old
10 year old “My oldest brother will be in college when
The new baby is in fourth grade like me.”
8 year old “hey that’s cool”
6 year old “Baby, I would love to play with a baby all the
4 year old “No way, I am the baby!”



gfcfmom said...

Just saw The Blind Side. Kind of an inspiring movie. Made me want to move to Memphis and adopt a bunch of kids. I would love to have ten kids! There is nothing better than a bunch of children running around the house. I love when I visit my friend with four kids and it's total chaos and I totally get your wanting to have more kids. Nothing is better.

Anonymous said...

for for it....seven !