Sunday, February 28, 2010


Heres what happens when you start reading all the parenting books.
You start reading that there are many different versions of parenting, and you start using your intuition more. This is a good thing as our children come from us and you are usually right when you get a feeling of how you should handle a situation.

It is always good to read advice from the professionals. They are professionals because they have spent thousands of hours studying the subjects, children and parents and they report on their findings.

I am writing this blog and book because I also spend thousands of hours on parenting different age groups and different situations and have experiences and techniques which create an incredible amount of joy and ease in our life which I want to share.

You are a critical thinker. You can share the information that you are reading that you alsobelieve in and bring it into your family. Try new ideas when the old ones aren’t feeling right !

I find it really helps when I am in a situation with a four year old or a thirteen year old and every age in between and I quote from a book I just read! It helps any child understand where my ideas are coming from, they might be one of popular thought or someone elses thoughts for sometimes that is better than only from mommy !

Somehow for the child if I don’t stand alone, I speak with a more powerful voice. Also
sometimes when a child is feeling like they are the only ones in the world to have to go through this......or feel this way.....and then you share with them a story which they can hear other people might feel the same way at times too .....they feel more connected (as opposed to disconnected) and deal better
with moving forward or
just feeling better!

I let them know, I believe in this idea that I read. It helps me explain my thinking!

Mira Kirshenbaum and Charles Foster write in Parent/Teen Breakthrough page 37 “work only on improving your relationship with your child…….if you don’t think it will help your relationship, don’t do it”

Michael Thompson writes in IT’S A BOY page 269 that in supporting your sons transition , his growing up he should do useful work at home, have limited screen times, and allow him to suffer consequences

Louise Bates Ames, Frances Ilk and Sidney Baker write in your ten to fourteen year old page 111 “ …your child may seem to be negative by withdrawing and refusing to share, but he/she is protecting their fragile and half formed budding personality which is not secure enough to come under anyone’s scrutiny. Especially Yours !

Jo Ann Deal writes in Girls will be girls; on page 131 When Go away means find a way to stay!

All these books I recommend and they are all great reads! But remember after you read a book, to know there is another book right behind it with another variation on parenting.

You are a great parent as you are seeking information right now by reading this blog......or you are a great friend of mine, so you are reading this blog and therefore by association you are a great parent.

(Association to me because I admire you and all that you are which is also most definately a great person in the important aspects of your life)

make the trip to the book store or Browse through Amazon.Com and buy a book today !

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