Saturday, February 27, 2010


My children, of every age, like me to sit and watch their tv shows with them.

Sometimes I do, but I have found a super fabulous trick.

Audio books. Its not reading, and I still read tons....People say I eat books,

with my reading chair and my own personal library by my bed, I love to read

and flip through pages. I love to mark pages and read them over and over again.

I like to finish a great author in two or three nights!

But I need the lights to be on and the room to be quiet to read!

But any mother can listen and watch at the same time . We do it all the time.

We are trained for it !

WELCOME IN Audio Books on CD or ITUNES.

The old fashion CD player which you can now buy for under $20.00

most anywhere is my favorite item ! Headphones that slide behind the head, and the pillow

doesnt bother them, (try the nike sport running style they slip into your ears from behind.)

Now I am on the couch, my arm around my child, or proped up on the bedroom furniture

with my children all piled in and my face watching the fifth rerun of SPONGEBOB as changes his shapes but I am listening to my book !

Now I have tried to download books onto ITUNES and it is another great way to listen to chapter books, however I have a personal problem with keeping my itunes player charged especially since I also love listening to music and my itunes player is always in my purse !

Two double AA batteries and I am back up and running by my childrens sides during

their TV time with the CD audio book player. The itunes player needs to be plugged into the computer or a charger when its out of battery.

Now why is this do nice.....because being a parent of six children does NOT mean I always

have to be doing with them or doing for them.

I can just be ! I can just sit besides them, who ever may or may not join and watch

Wizards of Waverly Place. I am connected to this show, I have taken them to the movies

to see the Premier of the Show ! I have gone to the Selena Gomez Concert, I am invited to

see this disney channnel show ! They welcome my prescence and welcome my listening it is low enough to answer a questions I might get !

Now, when you try this new technique, try it with a parenting book, one you have been meaning to read. It takes a bit of focus to follow the details of some authors Non-Fiction tales while the

older children are watching American Idol or I-Carly

So now you CAN read that book you have been wanting to read !

I will make sure my book comes

out in audio CD and Itunes as well as in print !

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