Friday, February 5, 2010


So many people say to me, "I cant complain to you, you have six kids"

Whenever I meet people who dont know me, and lets say I am out with three
children, no one asks me if I have three more waiting at home. I dont volunteer
that I do and I enjoy a Fresh and New conversation without anyone holding back
their STORIES....cause they are just as important as mine...with six children.

Sometimes you cant be everywhere fast enough>>>>>>>

But a few tips on


*Chauffers Unlimited I have bene using for 10 years now, a service
that provides a driver for your car at an hourly reasonable rate.

*If you stand on Third Avenue between 730am-8:00am you can catch at least
10 drivers from CAR SERVICE COMPANIES heading uptown from downtown who would be happy to pick your children and you up at 7:45am and bring you to school round trip.
And you can make arrangements for them to work for you and pick you up at house
after you need them ! I have employed some great COLD WINTER MORNING drivers this way !

*You can go on Craigs list and type a job opp for DRIVER and put in the exact hours you are looking for someone to drive you car, that they have a license that you can check and your insurance can cover them. Then put in a salary and you will be surprised how many people are available.

You want also want to consider the driver parking the car in a garage that might
be less expensive since the driver will be picking it up and dropping it off.
The salary of the driver might be close to even with the saving of the garage !

*A few times I have rented a car and had the driver pick up the rental car and drop if off same day and it was a better experience that a private full day car service !

As soon as the sun begins to shine you can find me and my children riding our bikes to school !!!

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