Thursday, February 25, 2010


One of the greatest parts of writing this blog EVERYDAY is that every day I have a chance
To share and LISTEN to friends and people around me asking me things to blog about.
Bringing up topics that people want to hear about.

I cannot attempt to write about raising six children in New York City without touching on the
Subject of Private School Admissions. For this is the season which dreams are made of.

On every corner, within the walls of my nursery schools, at the hair dresser this morning,
There is only one topic on everyone’s mind! Will I get into the private school I want, will I
Be cleared from the waitlist!

Now there are some of you who instead have chosen real estate wisely and live within the
Districts where some of the most amazing public schools are in the world. Where the teachers’ salaries are higher and the PTA ensuring a super high level of parent involvement.

Eight years ago I remember that the carpet besides my bed was worn from
Being so big and pregnant with my fourth child and praying every night that I would get into the
School I know was the ONLY school for me, my son, my family……and my prayers were answered.
What I can say is that my feelings have never changed or waivered about the school I attend!

It is amazing to ponder how many hours your children spend in school. If I have the daily number and multiply it my six to get the cumulative number to figure how many hours a week each child has interactions with people in the school community……its incredible.

Today I hear someone tell me that one of their twins got accepted to one school and the other did not. Who would think that if something presented to a family to deal with anywhere else in the world but NEW YORK CITY for Kindergarten.
I have a friend who moved out of New York City and wants to move back in but cannot because
She doesn’t have any spaces at any schools.

I have a friend who was asked to leave a school and then told its ok you can stay.
I have a friend who has applied four years in a row to change schools to the same school and finally got in.

My oldest son announced to me this year in seventh grade that he is going to not join any after school activities; he is going to only focus on his studies. He said because his seventh grade reports will be used to apply out to ninth grade in eighth grade.

I said to him “Hmm... What school do you want to attend for high school?”
He said; “I don’t know yet but I know that all the high schools take at least two people
From our school and if I want to go to the school I want then I must have the best grades”

I asked: “Well that does going to a great high school mean to you,”

He answered” Well if I go to a good High School then I’ll get into a good college
(This is my seventh grader) ( ???A good college??)

I asked if he know what he wanted to practice doing in his life that he would study in a good college….and what was a good college to go to ?and he had no idea. I said how can
You think about a college unless you have an understanding of what you want to study.

I let him know that I did not have a life path set out for him. I let him know I liked his ideas

It gave me a chance to also let him know he could
Travelling and figuring out what his passions are!

I attended a great seminar my Sir Kenneth Robinson who states the new statistics about
College degrees and the guarantee of successful employment.

I am all for college but I am also all for my children being happy TODAY and being critical thinkers
Keeping in mind the perspective of where the information is forming from in their minds! Want them to set their own paths where they will be most successful.

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