Friday, February 26, 2010

Creating Memories and VIDEOS

Today is a snowy day in New York City and on our last snowy day I got all the children out of the house early......This Snow Day I promised to not rush everyone outside.

11:00am We will depart!

The snow clothes that were not shipped to COLORADO for our spring break are already
laid out by the front door and everyone knows that there is no computer until we return !!

Sausage McMuffins with Eggs and Chocolate chip pancakes.chocolate milks for everyone
with a counter filled of fruits and fiber cereals!

The children have settled into their morning PJ day and

I set up Videos Playing on the DVD player from 2007, only three years ago. I have an audience
of the six year old, the four year old, the ten year old and the twelve year old.

Children need to remember events that are part of your family and see them over and over.
That is how memories are made.

Children also need to see that in three years they have changed so much. As I watch the Videos
it still amazes me how much three years has grown onto my family.

I have a friend who started an amazing company called First Person Video** where she documents biographies of parents and grandparents which can be played for children over and over so its not just holidays where you learn about your families.

I immediately texted my husband when he appeared on the video giving a speach to my ten year old. How nice to see him on the video.....He should be giving a speach to all his should be video recorded. I thought of new questions when I take out my video I will ask as I see friends trying hard to put together sweet 16's and Bar and Bat Mitzvah and confirmation party videos......and one day weddings...

How nice would it be to ask your four year old every year about what will be do in his family one day ........About love.........and all the questions that one will laugh at through the years !

How nice would it be to have an ongoing oral history of whats going on in our family
taken once a year
Or of our grandparents who live in Florida so we can get to know who they are?

Video Memories are live and important. As important as taking the pictures out of your camera
and putting them into books, once you take the videos yourself, they need to be easily accessible.

For anyone whose on the computer a lot and savy, its simply plug in the video camera, download the film, and burn it onto a disc, write sharpie on the disc the date and find an old DVD movie
no one watches anymore, remove the paper from behind the plastic showing the DVD movie
and turn it around. On the back is white and ready for labeling!

Now get a storage container from any container store, label VIDEOS that can house these DVD
cases you have created.

A school play video, a camp video, you already have a lot around the house.
Just start putting them in the same cases and you have a collection !

For those who are less computer favorite is the DVD recorded . I love this
video recorder because you record DIRECTLY ONTO small DVDs which are immediately
finalizedand can slip right into your DVD player. For Immediate View!

Now if your the type of person who will splice the video you take from your camera into
a program like MOVIESTUDIO and add some itunes, then you will probably want the
same professionalism from FIRST PERSON VIDEO for your family histories !

Enjoy your memories......Forever !


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