Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Valentines Day Traditions must be created by you and/or your husband if they are going to happen.

Some classrooms promote creating valentines for their classmates and exchanging them but what will you do in your family!

I announced a contest last night "Who ever can make the nicest valentine for Mommy will have first pick at the valentines chocolate hearts which I have displayed in my home office. I have several different hearts, in several different sizes, one for every child"

I announced that if they dont feel like breaking out the scissors and crayons to create a valentines day heart that I would accept a Poem, A Rap, A Collective effort as well !

It was meant to be. When I was making coffee this morning I reached for you a tissue and the tissue box was empty. I removed teh empty tissue box and had a VALENTINES DAY MAILBOX.

I covered the box with white copy paper and I noticed the staples wrapper the white paper was being held in was red and white. I cut red hearts out of the red wrapper paper and
taped them on. I wrote with a sharpie "FAMILY VALENTINES DAY BOX"

I went around to each child and told them that this is our valentines day mailbox and after you put a valentine on the box for everybody, we will celebrate valentines day.

Everyone wants a celebration, whatever it may mean. The children are smart enough to
support eachother to help push them along to get to the celebration. The celebration might be
a chance to listen to what their wishes are. You can grant them a wish for valentines day.

I asked my eight year old this morning what would be his valentines day with and he said
to stay home all day !


Now the 4 the year old is working with the 10 year old (who already finished). The 6 year old is working and the 8 year old will participate but when he is finished doing what he is doing.
Will the 12 and 13 year old get involved? What matters is that they are part of a family who is getting involved and they are making choices. For me as a mother, the knowing that this is what this family does and the good feelings around it are enough involvement.

I have red paper and valentines day suppplies laid out on the dining room table with materials needed to support their efforts.

How will this day be different than other days .......................well thats up to you !

Happy Valentines Day

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