Sunday, February 21, 2010


Weekends in the city are certainly a great chance for family outings. Family outings require that everyone in the family wants to do the same thing, or there is a lot of forcing going on.

Is this fun? You know that the end result will produce a fun activity because you know that you can show your children a great day, you are the mom....and with dad along together they will
have a good time.

But in my house, there are six children of different ages and they all do not always want to
be together for a full day family outing.

Here is where you have to make certain decision and weigh the importance of the event,
what you really have planned for the day, and the input of your children.

I find that if a family outing is planned for a saturday or sunday advance notice is
important. The children, whatever age they are, need to be aware that an event is being planned for them for the weekend and that they will be expected to participate.

This allows the children to have a voice in what they wanted to accomplish over the weekend and make sure that you hear what they want and try to help them achieve it.

We create a weekend event calender EVERY WEEKEND. This is a white piece of paper
we hang in a central location (the closet door where the money/point chart is kept). We have
a line drawn down the center of the paper and it says on top SATURDAY/ SUNDAY.

First I put in the sports events, basketball games, flag football games, baseball practice,
that the children are participating in. Then I add any birthday parties.

On the botttom I write things children have asked me for during the week that have not been done yet. My four year old asked for raisins, my thirteen year old asked for printer ink
for his homework printer thats running low, my ten year old wanted to open a bank account
and transfer money from his money chart/point chart and see if he can earn interest. My
twelve year old needs a new binder for school, my eight year old wanted a sequel book to the Lightening Theif Movie and my six year old needs nail polish remover.

When I see that there is a chance to take children out individually and have special time
all day long one on one and take care of all these things, i might not plan a full day family outing.

I make sure to let the kids know that I see that have enough things booked and with the errands needed we wont have a family outing this week, but maybe next week. I let them know that I recognize the importance of what they want done over the family outing.....but also by letting them know this, make the day I do book the family outing IMPORTANT for it to be attended
by everyone !

When I take a child out to accomplish their errand with them, I make sure to mark the errand off on the weekend chart while they are around. This makes the chart more IMPORTANT. This makes them see the chart means something and action is taken from the chart. This makes
the children want their items on the chart and therefore the chart becomes more useful to everyone.

Good luck with your weekend charts ! Have a great weekend !

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