Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There is a time when you must realize what excuses mean, why they are given and
how you can acknowledge them yet not completely dismiss them

Your childrens feelings ARE their feelings.

When the 12 year old wanted to give up on something, or not even try to do it
at all he only said,
" I just dont want to."

Have you ever gotten this ?

Well, raising six children in New York City, I ran across a seminar given my Wayne
Dryer at the Jacobs Javits Center called "EXCUSES BEGONE."

I knew the seminars time was a late start on a school night, but i bought two
tickets and we went !

I went full of vigor and I dragged by son in tow.

I explained how there might be a magic angel of some sort that stands up on the
stage infront of you and waives his wand and announces:

EXCUSES BEGONE.... and any excuses you can
come up with for not being successful will be overcome !

At least it was worth it to see why he sold out 1000 tickets for a one night seminar!

I printed out the list of excuses from one I found on the internet from a past seminar and
I offered my son 5 points on his point chart for every excuse he can have memorized
before the event.

Here were the excuses:

Im not strong enough
Im not old enough
There will be a family drama
Im too scared
Im too busy
I dont have enough energy
The rules wont let me
It not my nature
Its going to be too risky
It has never happened before
I dont deserve it
It will take too long
Im not smart enough
It will be too difficult
No one will help me

He was the youngest attendee, and there was no magic wand. But I showed my son I
believed in him, enough to know he can overcome and will be a successful adult one day and thats why we were there.

We left early, he earned a lot of points (which havent been spent on anything yet) and
was successful in his challenge !

In New York City there are so many amazing things to complement all the children are doing. or not doing....Even if its just the botinical gardens to support smell in nursery school programs
or the MET to suppose the study of an art program in middle schools or Othello playing
at the Duke Theatre on 42nd street to support on upper school play reading.

Mommy Wommy says take advantage of it all !!!

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