Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today I wonder how we give our kids the answers to everything, make them 
research them, send them to the best schools to learn the answers, find the 
answers, defend the answers....

So when they ask, why ? And you say 
 because I said so, 

it just might not compute !!!  Haha !!

Smiling along the shore, trying to follow with my eye the section of the oceans 
tip  which comes up into a crash to break the stillness, in some way its very 
instinct with the other sections, where I can see, if I wasn't so close for so 
long I might  think it all simultaneous .... 



Monday, July 1, 2013

And when a child asks?

Before I went to bed, my littlest one was asking,

"So if someone kills someone will they go to hell, "

And wanting to understand what it means to received jesus in your heart who takes away sins, as the man incarnate as god.....

He says so do u have to kill to help people like bank robbers and then its ok cause u feel bad anyway ?

Hard to explain to him, started with 10.commandments that goodness starts with and told him usually u are off the path of goodness when u break they shall not kill, and that shall honor their mother and father,

So if ur a killer, u might be someone who needs to be saved to be a better person so u become completely turned around and ask for foregiveness from that place, and isn't god mercy

Than he asked what is mercy ?

I say mercy is unconditional love, like I love u just because you are part of me....and you will always be a part of me, and I a part of you even if I were not here anymore, if I died....I say maybe when we all go to heaven we are all a part of gods mercy and all connected..

That's enough, ready for bed ,