Monday, February 8, 2010


Today is MONDAY
which is my 10 years olds
Special time day and we have
a dentist appointment.

It might not seem like much of a special time but in order to stick strictly to the schedules of special times one must be practical and creative at the same time.

I prepare myself for the waiting room with questions; quiz book
or trivia card decks. Sometimes I hold my phone and create a survey
of the latest update on this child
which would look something simply like;

Favorite play in the super bowl ?
Favorite thing to do on the weekend
Favorite Ice Cream
Favorite Color
Favorite School Subject today
Favorite Sport
Summer destination what do you think about it
When you think of adventure what do you think about

At the next appointment I will try to have these items memorized!!! This will keep the child motivated to play this game again.

Endless games are available where you get; a box, a deck of questions, a board and a piece to move around when you are right.

I keep the deck of cards and carry them around in my purse. If your child gets the answer right, let him keep the card and save it to ask daddy or siblings at dinner to see if they know the answers!

Its very empowering to win the ability to have an audience and to share again the good feeling u get when u get the answer right and u get to be the one to now ask the question !

Choice decks of cards that your child can be successful at Sports Trivia if he knows many sports facts.

I feel raising six children in New York City
everyone needs their chance to every opportunity they can.

Endless books on questions to ask and quizzes u can give your children are available from
One of my favorite which I have today is American girl quiz books
which u can tailor for a boy or a girl. These types of books score your answers and tell your child a silly fortune based upon their score!

Have fun at your next doctor’s appointment

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Tamara said...

I really liked this one because it reminded me that every moment with your child is an opportunity to get to know them better. Instead of (you-know-who) playing on his iPhone and me on my Blackberry, I can be prepared with something to get my child to communicate with me!