Monday, February 22, 2010


I remember when my husband was on an extra long business trip and he was returning home.

I got the phone call that he was in the cab heading up York Avenue from the FDR drive.

I got the children dressed in their finest clothes, sport jackets, pinkest, puffiest dress,

all hair combed and greased back. I had the children standing infront of the building in size order

waiting to greet their father home from his business trip.

Their father, who left the nest of love to go out into the world and support his family.

Needless to say I love my husband as a man and I am proud of his accomplishments as

a provider.

A provider, something that is a lesson that we are teaching our children, to be proud and

successful providers for themselves....and to be complete enough themselves to be able

to support our future families of the next generation.

I was asked by a close family friend to write a blog about what I do. How I make and I quote

"the role a mother plays in teaching the kids to idolize their Dad and how in turn that helps solidify and strengthen the core family and the future families that are created by the kids."

Fathers Day is coming. The children need you to support Fathers Day and make it a successful event. Planning early for special treasures that can be collected and created and be displayed in his office takes time. The time is now ......

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