Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Kids in your bed

I remember the morning we came home from the hospital with our first child. The bassinett was besides my bed....the only place I had to put it in our New York City One Bedroom Apartment.

Should he sleep in our bed? We wanted him to. Were we going to roll over onto him? We had to get up anyway to feed him in the FEEDING ROCKING CHAIR, and we had to change him in the special CHANGING TABLE with the warming wipies holder.

I remember the Sixth child when we brought him home from the hospital
the Bassinett was still besides the bed, it wasnt new by any means and the baby..... in the bed he went ! There was no Rocking Chair for feeding, just a few extra pillows. There was no CHANGING TABLE as we changed him on the bed with a pad that we kept under the bassinett......and there was DEFINATELY no warmy wipie holder, just the KIRDLAND brand (with 6 months supply in the closet)

Raising Six Children you get the chance to see thing and do them over and over again until they feel right. Until the attention that we are giving in for the RIGHT reason in the RIGHT place.

What feels right to me is not what might feel right to you... I have also realized what feels right to be might not feel right to my husband and this is where we compromise and strengthen our relationship too!

Everyone has a chance in Mommy and Daddy's bed. It is a place to jump in and watch a movie together, it is a place to get "THEIR LOVE BATTERIES filled up" as my eight year old would say.

Mostly its sunrise when the four year old starts to make his way into our bed, then right before getting dressed for school comes in the six year old.

Sickness, right in our bed......with a side table set up with tissues, water
a tea bowl, chastick, a book and small garbage can.

We have a King Size Bed and some of the best Sunday Mornings are waking up welcoming our children into our room and into our bed.

My thirteen year old has a terrible cold yesterday.....and at this age, is when the Family Bed was welcomed but now a bit removed......came into our room in the morning and saw the 4 and 6 year old in the bed and said Mom

"I'm Sick......its my turn !"

Enjoy the opportunities to share and teach CLOSENESS.

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