Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Twelve year old FAMILY POEM

My family is a car....lots of parts...some good and some are bad.

My dad is the oil helping the car work

My Mom is the steering wheel always leading us in the right direction

I am the windows, always starting at 147 things

My 10 year old brother is the GPS always trying to find the right way

but makes really wierd sounds when it is recalculating

My oldest brother is the roof of the car, hurts when you stand up

My eight year old brother is the broken windshield wiper always annoying.

My little sister is the wheels always going faster, never stopping.

My baby brother is the funny tv show always making us laugh and our dog

is the headlights always seeing the road!

and thats my family poem.

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Cars are such a family memory spot....long trips to Maryland listening to hall in oats kids will remember the many trips songs and snacks spent in the car....the car is the mobile home of the suburbs....raising six in the country u need a van however....the car is another location where kids learn sooooo much ....