Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On being a SUPERMOM

Raising Six children in truly amazing.
I walk into the one room all six are sleeping and I touch their foreheads
with my lips and offer a blessing, a wish, a promise.

I step outside and the sun greets me as it penetrates its heat and light
straight into my heart......and I glow.

I am so filled up with lov that I can glow !

-knowing that my husband will be in my arms any day now

-knowing the joy I am going to feel skiing down the mountain with five
of my children, all crossing across the same path, all at different stages,
all will reach the chair lift......and ill ride up with them.....and we will do it again.

-knowing at the end of the day I will be exhausted and not feeling as I do now.

So the question is How to be a Supermom!

Transfer the incredible feelings, find the incredible feelings and practice every day,
practice making them last !

This is what your children will feell. This is when you are in your best place to be
an influence....because one day that is all you can be !

Walk outside, take a deep breath, take a Grand Stretch.....and have a wonderful day !

1 comment:

Christopher said...

Goodness this was lovely. I just recently began following this blog and already, I feel very inspired and moved. Your writing is beautiful here, it's really easy to feel that sense of passion and deep connect you have with not only your children, but life and the world around you. I can't quite say for being a mother, but the message here extends beyond any barrier of gender. It has me excited to be a Superdad! I can't wait to transfer some incredible feelings every day, making them last.

Again, this was very inspiring. Thank you for such a wonderful post.