Sunday, April 4, 2010


Raising Six Children in New York City I take advantage of
the opportunities I have to show my children the summer
outside the City, but in AMERICA.
On a family vacation in Georgia, USA our oldest son was
headed to a sleep away camp for the first time in Arkansas.
We just completed all the paperwork for him to return for the third year
to the same camp for another two week session in the Arkansas Mountains.

My twelve year old goes to camp for two weeks in North Carolina.

My ten year old and eight year old attend camp in Georgia while we stay on property with my six year old and four year old doing family camp activities together ! Tennis, Starter Golf, Swimming, Sailing, Cookie Cutter classes, Ediquette for kids, childrens dances, squash, horsebackriding, watermellon shooting, shelling, biking, and boogie boarding ! All very southern activities !

Many people ask me about camps and I recommend them to look outside the New York Areas for their children to experience something completely different! Also the camps outside New York State are half the price.

Its truly amazing and charming when my children come home singing the anthems from all the southern schools! They meet new friends and enjoy different rituals they might have never experienced. No one knows them and as they are developing their new personalities its great to let them try out these personalities in a safe CAMP space.....

(set to THE PRINCE OF BEL -AIR" theme song:)

I was
up in
Just Hanging
when my mom
told me bout
this camp
that she found
Then I checked it out
it wasnt so lame
so I packed up my stuff
and got on a plane
When I started to feel
some minor back pain
I turned around
with a bit of

and was told by a kid just
your alright
But when I got off the plane I was
pretty alright
I said I would hang here
I just
might !
-Written by my son


Smaps said...

I love the improvised lyrics! Sounds like quite the creative, young boy.

gfcfmom said...

Just stumbled upon this hilarious rendition of Prince of Bel Air song. Can't wait to share this with my DH Kids are amazing, aren't they?