Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Back Home

Returning from a Vacation

Even though I know I have six children to get settled back into their routines, I do not
focus on this

This will happen.

I feel if I focus on what will happen, I spend the time focusing
on WHAT WILL EVENTUALLY HAPPEN and miss out on the time I could spend on making
OTHER things happen.

Other things that make me feel excited. Make me feel good, Make me feel whole, Make me feel organized enough so the simple" getting the kids back into their routines," the details ALL THAT just gel into place........and instead I have room to SEE my children, LOVE my children and BE with my children.

You just are NOT going to miss the first day back at school, you are not going to forget lunch or
their after school sport. it just is not going to happen. Will you forget non-uniform day, maybe
but thats you the opportunity to give that job to your child if they care enough.
Calender and all marked and maybe showing the First Day of Summer Rolling around.!

I spend a day at my desk, organizing the new Fall Schedule, but while I am at that same desk
at that same time I am emailing groups of friends of mine scheduling couples dinners, girl dinner parties (that start at 6pm and end at 9pm)

My husband asks if I am planning a spring party, a game night and I ponder how to include everyone who is reading my blog! Because my intention is to share happiness !

I spend a day making lists of air conditioner companies to change filters, a bathroom broken faucet to repair......but once these lists are done, they are done. Once they are down they will get done!

We will start riding bikes to school this week. How wonderful to see all six children together
training wheels, bike seats, baskets....all riding in the rise of the daylight to their schools, I am beside them!

So while I am organizing, I am happy. Seeing the faces all my friends who play tennis who
are going to start to play tennis with me outside on top of a hospital in Harlem ! I see myself riding my bike to this Tennis center, through the second avenue subway construction, with my ipod on and headphones blarring......"Put your hands up, singin this song.....from my sons ipod
and there is nothing but joy !

Think about the way you are returning from vacation ......and enjoy these thoughts !

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