Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Constipation

Who do all my friends want me to write on constipation? Is the word just so funny that
They want to say it often, does it make us so uncomfortable?
Children have constipation, is it constantly around raising six children at the same time.

LISTEN MOMS, it goes away as the children grow and their diets and needs are becoming more balanced. My thirteen Year old has Fruit Loops and Fiber Bran Cereal almost every night with a glass of milk.
Because I do too !

I strongly believe diets are copies and presented to our children, we can not complain about this.
I know it’s so easy to just order chicken nuggets and French fries when you are out, or make the favorites there will be NO COMPLAINTS about when you are in.

Fiber in the diet….and you in the diet teaching the children about how to take care of their bodies and help themselves go to the bathroom.

My four year old that still drinks endless bottles of milk, REGULAR MILK he said, not parmalat! (That’s because I can’t keep enough in the house ever!) Do you think he is not constipated?

On the counter in my kitchen, is the FIBER CHOICE chewable tablets that taste like sweat tarts and are sold are DUANE READE, safe for kids.

When they know they have control over their bodies, they will understand this decision and make good choices understanding the control over their bodies that they have!

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gfcfmom said...

That is great that fiber helps your kids and you have found a simple solution to a problem that many parents struggle with. Constipation can also be a sign of an underlying milk allergy, thyroid problem or poor gut flora. Probiotics are something for parents to consider if the fiber doesn't help...Here are some posts:
Low Thyroid: Symptoms and Causes