Saturday, April 17, 2010

on Dogs

I used to have a Cavalier, I bought him for my third son when my Daughter was born! We knew
Cavaliers had shorter life spans due to their sensitive hearts, but we didnt know that the stairs in my house would cause a hyneria and be would not be able to have the operation due to his heart. So we gave him to the wonderful man that owns the framing store we use on Third Avenue.

We have always had Rufus, a muensterlander, a black and white bird and squirrel hunting dog.
The story is hyterical how when my husband brough home Rufus we also had a white canary. I dont think my husband liked the white canary too much....Hence the Bird Hunting dog !


Rufus, My Dog
Running as fast as a speeding car
Jumping fences high as a wall
Eyes as big and round as binoculars
Sniffing like a shark that smells blood
I love him!

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daddymojo said...

Ha. I laugh. Glad that you rehomed that little dude and great that the kids are growing up with dogs. Critters can teach kids so much when done properly.