Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Travel


When you tell people you have just returned from the Atlantis, you never know what kind of response you are going to get. Most people have heard of this destination, some have been there, some go back every year, some would never.

Heres how the accommodations work:

Royal Towers- A grand Hotel elevator Tower in the Center of the Atalntis Resort. Though it looks like its in the center of everything, to actually reach the elevator from the pools and beach is quite a walk. A stroller is a must for any children under 4! The beach tower is closest to the beach, but the absolute furthest from anything. The Cove and the Reef are the more deluxe accommodations and offer something unique. They offer a peaceful place to stay, beach and pool in a quiet bahamas setting, without the hussle and busle of the Atlantis next door.

I took the younger three children to the Atlantis
We didn’t miss any school, any Friday birthday parties or
Any activities . TWO DAYS was enough for us…
and here is how it looked:

Saturday Morning
4:30am Taxi to JFK airport for
6:00am Flight
8:45am Landed with one carry on bag** grabbed cab
9:30am We changed in the bathroom into our bathing suits- hit the beach
11:00am Buffet breakfast at the Cove Hotel
12:00n Went Swimming in the Baths Pools
1:30pm Went to the Aqua Adventure Center and Mayan Temple slides
3:00pm Went to the Lazy river Ride
4:00pm Went to see the Underwater Digs - Atlantis and Fish aquariums
5:30pm Dinner in Room via Room Service and Stuart Little to fall asleep

Sunday Morning
7:30am Breakfast Buffet at Mosaic
8:30am Ripples Kids Pool
9:30am Kids went to Kids Club Culinary Experience for one hour
where they all cook something fun while mom gets a one
hour break to visit the adult only pool and read a chapter
of her book
10:30am Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis Hotel
12:00n Lunch and beach play feeding fish chex mix
3:00pm Taxi to airport
5:30pm Flight home

**Packed in the bag was PJ for three kids, one bathingsuit and bathing shirt and cover up
one shorts and shirt, one outfit for the plane home and a sweatshirt. THATS IT .Toilette Bag,flip flops THAT’S IT

We flew Jet blue direct from JFK and we returned on Delta through Atlanta or could have returned on Continenal thru Miami for a 7:30pm departure from Nassau !

Enjoy your weekend travels!

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Lori said...

I absolutely love how carefree you travel and how lightly you pack! This is Dareen's dream! I need to make it a goal to travel with only a carry on - and leave all of the extra pairs of shoes behind!