Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Special Time

Special Time Days.....soon school will be out and will I have organized a Special Time Day with all my children ? These days are hard to plan, but coverage needs to be planned if I am to spend a saturday, a day, alone with one !

MAKE THE PLAN TODAY, to spend a special time day with your child.

and what is it we do?

My special time day with my 10 year old son went something like this:

*We hoped on the bike and went to my favorite cappucino place....Sat outside and
I drank and asked a lot of questions. I found out that my son had his YU GI OH cards
in his pocket. His intention was to teach me how to play....

*A bike ride to the boat house, and two croissants, two seats on the outside metal tables and YU GI OH we played. I was not so good with my atttacks and it seems my son always had another blue eyes white dragon coming from his deck.....

after I lost

*We rented a boat on the boat house and my 10 years old my son completely rowed me to where the turtles hid and back.
Now we captured a moment he will always remember
we would have never planned it so well
the day he rowed mom by himself around the lake

*It started to drizzle so we rode out of the park and passed a fancy chocolate store. Yes I will buy you a piece, of chocolate, your favorite, before lunch !

*Then home, and he wanted to watch the dvd of Glee episodes because tonight is the airing of the second season.....Well I can get caught of too so I can share this with them ! So Glee it was!

*Lunch in the kitchen and the offer for a board game.

and that was it. Special Time Day!

I took pictures :

-of our bikes infront of our house


-of my son rowing the boat

-of the turtles we found on the rocks

-of the blue bird perched on the tree

-of the mommy and daddy ducks we bumped into

-of the sign of the chocolateria

-and of us on the couch watching GLEE

I will download them to shutterfly today, make a 16 page SPECIAL TIME album using full page option and auto fill and wrap it up to give to him next week with a card that will say

"Thanks for sharing a day with me, your the best!"

Be a supermom today!

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