Sunday, April 11, 2010

on The First Child-One Child

On “One CHILD”

Should I say One child, or the First child? Aren’t they the same? It doesn’t matter how many children you have, you will always have a FIRST CHILD.

All it takes is a glace over to my bookshelf and I see the record book of the every hour feedings I gave my newborn, is it a wonder why he would projectile throw up like an alien across the width of my one bedroom apartment!

As I write these blogs today, I am the same person, I still chart and record everything, I have just done it so many times, in so many areas, that I am trying to share now with other s MORE choices of what to chart and record and create!

Things were always really hard with with my first child, cause they were all new. I hope to share the benefits of doing it SIX times here and help to remind readers that THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR LIFE !

Be a Supermom Today !

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