Saturday, April 3, 2010


We live in a world where our children are exposed to MARKETING of products, holidays, and the latest hotest item. At every checkout counter is something our children can reach and want.

Raising Six Children in New York City, the schools welcome divisity and therefore expose our children to all sorts of holidays that are being celebrated, parents are invited in their classrooms to share traditions. So when marketing of holidays reaches our kids, they already have been exposed to most of the meanings.

When we travel, its hard not to notice the latest holiday in the WALMARTS and Targets and all the SuperFood Stores we visit.

There are some holidays which children may not celebrate in a religious way, but the marketing and materials that are available make it a fun opportunity to take part in doing something fun.

When else can you buy hundred of plastic easter eggs that open and egg stuffers for under $20.00 ? In order to
create either an EASTER EGG HUNT OR A


We buy about 200 plastic colored eggs (about 33 per child ) and we put tickets inside the eggs. Some eggs have one ticket and some eggs have 5 tickets. We spread the eggs out in a designated area, Your apartment, the park in the woods, a snow trail everyone can ski along the side of. We were able to puchase 10 giant carrots (they were being sold as carrot baseball bats with green balls for a dollar each). We will use these carrots to designate the square area where the eggs will be hidden outside .

For another dollar each I purchased plastic baskets which the younger children are decorating while waiting for the hunt !

Its not how many eggs the children find to win the egg hunt, but the total number of tickets inside the eggs, Someone might find 10 eggs with 5 tickets in each, someone else might find 20 eggs with one ticket in each.

There is something wrapped, which is a small universal gift, food item,a chocolate egg.....we have a giant
bunny this year ! (actually every year )

Some of the plastic eggs have small packaged jelly beans, tootie rolls, and natural fruit snacks and no tickets !

FACT 90 Million Chocolate Eggs were sold last March

FACT Peeps have a shelf life of two (2) years

This game is PLAYFUL. It shows that I care to not just bring them, and drive them, but create something playful........something that, one day, they will create for their children! This is a family tradition for us. No matter where we are, this is what we do. The children know it, and it is part of who they are, where they a family who does EGG HUNTS !

Start your traditions today !

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