Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Helping and Charity

On Parenting

I want my children to earn money by doing helpful handyman things around the house. Not only will they earn money but of course they will also feel capable. He wants to be a helping member taking care of his home!
Now once eight years old rolls around they are motivated to earn money when they want things! That’s ok! Only the younger children are still excited for how many gold stars they have on their charts! Gold stars are also a path to an ice cream cone from Mr. Softie on their school block!
But you have to be a SUPERMOM when your ten year old is getting frustrated with HOW DO I DO IT?
We have a bubblegum Machine in the Playroom. It takes quarters and the job is to empty out the quarters, count them and put them in a zip lock bag to take to the bank. We are going to get a bank check made out to a food pantry.
I give my son the bubble gum machine key!
Of course I want him to explore the options, he wants to be shown, Of course I want him to figure out how to turn the key, figure out how it might open, figure out ways he can unclog it the stuck piece of gum.
Realize to be a SUPERMOM that this child is reaching out to become independent and understands that earning for work is something he CAN DO. Once he learns how to unclog the bubble gum machine and feels the satisfaction that it is not SO hard. He will do it again! This is a job he can do. (As well as other jobs that look like it). He feels the connection to the world by being able to be part of giving.....he will walk the check into the food pantry!

And then he can do it on his own one day!
Be a SUPERMOM today!

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