Friday, April 9, 2010

How to SPEND TIME with your child:

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When I am with all my children in the same room, I have to distinguish whether I am
Amongst them or with them.

Am I in their conversation? Am I enjoying their activity? Am I just sitting in the same vicinity?
As them…..texting.

When five children get home from school at 4:00pm and go into bedtime routine at 8:00pm
How can I make the most impact, connect with them everyday?

Well Bedtime routine totally includes a soft gentle time with mommy and daddy so that’s covered.

The word ROUTINE is the trick, kids who smoothly sail through their evening routines will get better sleep……keep trying!

The answer is simple, SEPARATE OUT ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN and FOCUS YOUR ATTENTIONS on that one just for a time. When you are sitting in a room with your children, start a side conversation with one. Single them out. It’s such as easy way to be next to both your children, but actually creating a connection with one. Ask specific questions about whatever you are doing, watching. Just throw in a tidbit sharing something about what you might have been doing while they were in science class. They care (I hear them repeating all my stories to their siblings as treasures of information they were privy to )

Some of the best of time are when you are amongst ALL your children and you have made a connection with one of the children. I make sure to refer to that connection at breakfast so that the look that passes between us further cements this memory and bring up good feelings in my stomach....(usually dont even have to eat !)

This is one way I spend time with my children!

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Tamara said...

This is really important as often when I am with my kids I find myself answering emails or phone calls. Even if you are sitting right next to them - this is not quality time. We all need to remind ourselves to put away OUR electronics and focus on the people who mean the most - our children.

Thanks Karen.