Monday, April 26, 2010

on Maturity

On maturity, On Nannies

Can you introduce Morality as a priority that your children need in order to reach maturity?

I find in day to day life with my kids, I am questioned on why I am doing something. For example, someone worked for our family for eight years, staying home while the babies slept while I ran around the city with the other children. Now in our house there are no more babies to stay home with, could I just fire this person?
I explained to the children over and over again how she dedicated so much of her life to us, that we need to see that she gets another job….We need to keep her employed until she does, because it’s the RIGHT thing to do, because she has done so much for us.

Here is a chance for your child to see another’s life.
Here is a chance for your child to manage destructive feelings as mthey might not like this person. I need to teach that his dislike for her doesn’t need to equal a wish for her demise!
Here is a chance for your child to change his assessment....

The prize here is his maturity……and the start of Morality Lessons which we can all teach!

What can you teach today?

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