Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Dreams are made of

Just the other day, when four of my children were on their computers for four hours straight and the two younger ones were glued to the TV.

What was I doing?
I was feeling frustrated.

"What should we be doing? "They Said !

I told them the stories of me and their father, when we were young,what we used to do. I explained to them that when they win a game, reach a certain level, its ok to stop. Its ok to
enjoy their victory and let there be room for another activity to ENTER.

When you roam around a room with endless activities to create you create them. But you
dont get the chance if you are infront of a screen ! You cant see !

I also explained that unless they can better manage their computer,screen, video game usage I will have to manage it for them with a sign in chart and sign out chart ! I further told them I really dont want to do this. I dont want to be in that position.

THE NEXT MORNING..... had to be what dreams are made of;

It was the most beautiful day, and as I rode my double bike, with the 4 year old and his helmut on the back peddling, my six year old on her shiny training wheels, and the four older boys

They recruited other kids from the park, and some friends showed up to meet up and we spend the day with ice-cream, making bird nests and playing football on a great field !

I made sure to NOT MENTION anything about the computers, but to tell them how wonderful they were for everything they were doing...

"I forgot how amazing you ride your bike"
"I trust you so much in the city the way you stop infront of the curb"
"You are going to be an amazing adult able to get people involved in what you are doing ."
"You always do much a great job getting drinks for everyone."

Be a supermom today!

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