Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Birthday Gifts

On Party Gifts

It is truly amazing the number of birthday gifts we have fun purchasing yearly. The younger children are included in every birthday party and as they move through the grades, the number of invitations reduces naturally. Most schools ask that you either invite the entire class or 1/3.

I love to find birthday gifts that are those my children would like themselves to receive. So many times I run into a few very special items and I buy them in bulk or organize them in advance. This always doesn't work in my favor.......I went to a WAREHOUSE Frette Sale and purchased bathrobes for about the same price as a toys r us game would cost. Normally these would be $100.00 gifts. I thought, who would spend $100.00 for a children’s bathrobe anyway, but the quality was so nice, it was worth it to purchase enough. The reason they were on such super sale was they only has size 3 left. I bought 15 of them in September and was ready to give all them out as gifts to the 15 children that were in my son’s nursery school.

That year he only got invited to 5 birthday parties.....and I ended up with 10 extra size 3 Frette bathrobes!
I gave them away as gifts to the older child (which was usually 3) when a friend of mine had a new baby as an older child gift! I think I have one left today!

This summer while we were travelling we found a company that sold items that changed color in the sun! I purchased everything in bulk...A big hit. Purchased headbands, shirts, bathing suits and they were all gifted already everyone was thrilled!

There are also smaller items which I find, buy and save, and attach to the top of a gift with cellophane or use for goody bags when throwing small kids parties at my house.

I am proud of my friends who, like me, are always thinking of new ideas for gifts for children! Glimmer Rox in a unique belt, bracelet (cuff) and headband that can be personalized with initials or purchased in bulk for upcoming birthdays. My six year old daughter wears her bracelet/cuff all the time and ill be there purchasing 10 bracelets for $10.00 each as a bulk purchase to use in my eight year old Birthday Party goodie bags next month !

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Please comment back your favorite birthday item?

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Marisa said...

Another great place to find personalized birthday gifts is www.frecklebox.com. You can personalize books, coloring books, puzzles..and many other things. I have been giving the personalized birthday book gift out to all my daugther's nursery school friends this year. Great site!