Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be a Supermom Today

Good Morning

Its Saturday ….Three children woke up in my bed about 7:00am and for some reason
They did not wake me up…..Maybe they tried, I don’t actually remember.
As I sit here at my computer, all dressed and showered with the sounds of all my children echoing throughout the house.

I want to just run down and start the day, but what if I see my daughter pouring endless amount of chocolate into her milk, or what if I see my thirteen year old still wearing his shirt from school yesterday… what kind of day will I start?

So before I jump in…….I set my mind , (or intention) on what kind of mom I want to be today, how I want to be with my children, so no matter what my responses are they don’t mold my day or change based upon my children’s circumstances or action of the moment.

I am going to smile, kiss everyone, and make my coffee! I will make a comment to one at a time, making sure I make eye contact.


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