Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on efficiency

On efficiency

Raising Children in one thing! Being efficient and raising a family, caring for a house!
To me efficiency means doing the most amount of things with the least amount of money so that I am able to do more things !

I can hire someone to come to my house and fix my dryer. They will charge me about $250.00 or I can take a screwdryer and open a panel that will lead me to see that the large grey hose is blowing into the room, the room is sweaty ! I tape the grey ‘duct with duct tape’ reattach the hose to the obvious place it fell from and Tada! I don’t tell anyone I did this, I did it…because I DO IT and so can you.

Its really unbelievable the amout of things you can just DO!

I was on spring break, I went into a Target and there was a table of $1.00 red and blue shirts. My mind was swimming with all the ideas for all the ways I can use these shirts. My four year old has a sports team in the park every week, I can hand them out to every child, they could emblazon them with their names feel like a team when playing their sports. I have a picnic coming up, maybe the younger volunteers can write our school name of them and all wear them identifying them as helpers. I have a birthday party coming up. I can set up a decorate a shirt table,with bags and that can be their goodie bag gift !

Part of being efficient, is thinking about not just what you can do, or what you can save, but how you can give. That makes it must a bit more fun !

The other day I had $200.00 in my pocket and a list of various cleaning supplies and laundry supplies that needed to be replenished! I couldn’t even purchase them……with the $200.00 I had. I gave the
Money to someone who comes to my house to clean who lives near the 99 cents store. At this store all the cleaning supplies are 99 cents. The silver polishes, the countertop sprays. The Green Windex cleaner all the scrubs, all the shouts, the downies, the swifter refills. She took a taxi straight to my house with the packages, we all helped unload ! …. With the change I was so happy to help her get a new pair of sneakers and buy FLOWERS for my house.
Flowers….which I purchase at the local deli’s for a $10.00 bunch of flowers and I add another $10.00
Of greens which are purchased as $2.00 a bunch of greens times 5 green arrangements! They make a grand centerpiece when added to the $10.00 bunch of assorted cut flowers!

There are endless ways to be efficient, to spend money wisely, no matter how much you have !

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