Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Taylor Swift

On Taylor Swift

I have my twelve year old and my six year old on line backstage at the Taylor Swift Concert in Nassau Coliseum. It’s Friday night. Not actually night yet, you see we drove here early for a meet and greet special arrangements. The Traffic leaving Manhattan aged me about a year,
As I wiggled through the traffic, over the Tribourough bridge and down the Grand Central Parkway. One point we didn’t think we would have made the 5:30am strict arrival time for the pass pickup at Will Call.

But we made it, with time to spare as we waited for the special moment to be called into the secret underground worlds of the Superstars!

And there we were, staring at Taylor Swift in a tented room in the basement of the coliseum. There was a Sheet, purple with the Words Fearless Tour, like you see draped along the backgrounds of Red Carpets,
All ready for the photographs to be taken accessed by email.
Our turn came and they motioned for my twelve year old to stand on one side of Taylor Swift and my six year old to stand on the other. The
Moment of truth...or untruth.. when they told us each family was only allowed one picture.

It was my sons dream to be here at the Taylor Swift Concert; already many altercations had taken place about the six year old attending. I understood it already cramped his style, in fear of too many bathroom visits or having to leave early!

Well, some choices are tough ones. The Taylor Swift Staff did not understand the dilemma of my son having a picture with him and his idolized star on his nightstand and he didn’t want his six year old in it!

I let him take the picture on his own, and as I walked away consoling the six year old, a caring soul tapped us and gave her another chance.

Taylor Swift concert was amazing, and being a mom means not always accommodating everyone….but most times it works out!

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gfcfmom said...

That is so cool. I love that you got two pictures and it all worked out. That means TWO mousepads. TWO notepads. TWO books. Right??? I can't wait to get my 96 page tenth anniversary book.